The first batch of 7,200 units, Guangxi Automobile Group Electric Vehicle enters the Japanese Express Industry

“Electric big coffee” is informed that Japanese SG Holdings Sakae Foundation Co., Ltd. has announced that it has decided to purchase 7,200 small commercial electric vehicles produced by China Automobile Manufacturers, and this figure is equivalent to all light vehicles of the company. (The company maintains approximately 27,000 units), which means that this well-known express company will turn on the electricization process here.

A few days ago, in the city of Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, Sakawa was urgent to develop a small pure electric sample car with the development and design of ASF (Japanese Electric Automobile New Enterprise). According to reports, the car will follow Japanese light automobile standards (Japan domestic) The model classification refers to a small vehicle that meets the conditions such as the displacement of 660 cc), and the Guangxi Automobile Group has been manufactured from September this year.

From the scene disclosed by the sample, the new car is 1.9 meters high, 1.5 meters wide, up to 350 kilograms of goods, 200 kilometers of charging for about 6 hours, driving for 1 year to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Since the average travel distance of Japanese light distribution vehicles is within 80 kilometers, this life is complete enough for short-haul logistics.

In the face of this cooperation, the Guangxi Automobile Group also said that the Japanese reporters on site, the company will be fully prepared for the mass production of the new car.

Although Japanese car companies have experience in developing small cars (K-Car), they are rarely involved in pure electric vehicles, which gives the majority of Chinese auto companies with an opportunity. It is reported that the Guangxi Automobile Group is currently serving the Japanese market in the way of imported cars, as well as the type certification procedures for Japan’s land transport provinces to ensure that the license can be continued in the future.

After the Japanese government proposed to the goal of the new car sales in 2035, many related companies have begun to pursue environmentally-friendly models such as pure electric, except for Scholars, another express logistics company in Japan is also promoted. The transformation of the pure electric fleet.

In recent years, China’s electric vehicles have quietly accelerated the pace of entering the Japanese market, such as Uenang Zoo, Tokyo Taitung District, is located in Zausenburg, Sasubao, Nagasaki, has purchased BYD’s tourist small bus. It is reported that 53 have been delivered. 53 Taiwan and plan to increase to 100 in June 2022.

It is especially worth mentioning that Wuling Hongguang Miniev is also available in Japanese dealers in the Chinese market. The person in charge of ASF is even more appreciated by this net red car at this conference. Introduce it into the Japanese market with Wuling Motors.

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