The hottest new energy car in January, Hongguang MINI EV is hot, Tesla is selling

This week, we conducted data summary and spicy analysis of three major segments in January 2021, today, mainly summarized and commented on the performance of new energy auto market in January. According to the latest retail sales data released in January 2021, China’s Multiplier is shown that in January, the domestic narrow passenger car market sales reached 21.6 million, a year-on-year increase of 25.7%, down 5.5% from the previous month. Among them, there is 155,000, which increased by 274.5% year-on-year, down 25.3% year-on-year, so that the growth situation allowed to lead the entire car market.

Specific ranking, the Hong Kong MINI EV launched by Wuling Truck once again, with the absolute advantage, with a single month sales reached 25,777, the terminal sales were more than 30,000 markings, ranking second is the circle Tesla Model 3 in the Chinese market, although it has increased significantly year-on-year, but still can’t compare with the god, BYD Han EV is growing rapidly, ranking fine market third.

In addition, Chery EQ, Ean Aion S, Euler black cat, Corlais Clever, Roewe ERX5 also entered the top ten of the list. In addition, the ideal one and Xiaopeng P7, etc., the new power products are also discharged. In the first fifteen, Benben Ev, 蔚 来 EC6, BYD Han DM, Wei Si ES6 and BMW 5 Series Phev all list. Let’s take a look at the specific performance of all models in the list.

First place: Hongguang MNI EV; sales of 25778 in January

In 2021, the first show, Hongguang Mini EV continued to lead the new energy market with a huge advantage, and its sales in January reached 25,778, and its terminal sales were more than 30,000 markings, reaching 36,762 vehicles, and became the first single month. New energy vehicles with more than 30,000 vehicles. After the production capacity climbing is stable, the macro Mini EV is already the general existence of God in the field of micro electric vehicles. Wuling God will have a boutique.

Although there is only half a year, it has made it a very popular new energy model in the new energy market with excellent cost performance and smarted body. It is necessary to buy a car home to buy a car in the price of two high-end mobile phones. And four seats are definitely valuable. Although the power of 120km and 170km, some differences, but in the new model declaration information, we see this car is expected to further improve in the battery life to meet more user needs.

Second place: Tesla Model 3; sales of 13,843 in January

Although Tesra Model 3 continued over 10,000 months in January, it was 13,843 units, a year-on-year increase of 461.4%, but it was still far from the performance of the champion in the new energy market. Even if the domestic sub-Tesla Model 3 passes the price of the big sale, it is still possible to maintain its sales steadily, but it is still not comparable to the macro Mini EV of 30,000 months. However, in the 300,000 price range, Tesla is still a unique existence. With the domesticization of Model Y, Tesla will be more consolidated in a luxurious new energy vehicle market.

Although Tesla products continue to violent, self-igniting, stall, charging piles can not be charged, the pot country power grid and other acts, is discussed by the national market supervision, plus the old car owners feel frequent price reduction, but can not stop the leeks They have been harvested frequently. However, from the rise of BYD, let Tesla’s pressure double, know that this price of more than 200,000 domestic new energy cars, today, monthly, the monthly sales continues to break through thousands of protocols. Even Tesla will have more cheap MODEL2 on the Internet to facing more intense competition in the Chinese market.

Third place: BYD Han EV; sales of 9298 in January

There is no doubt that BYD Han EV directly opposed Tesra Model3, January, and the sales of Naddi Han EV reached 9,298, and nearly 10 months of monthly sales, but also let Tesla Model 3 surprised a cold sweat. To know such performance, only a gap between Tesra Model3, and BYD has been launched steadily after listed in July last year, if not Tesla crazy price cut, this gap is likely to be more and more Small, even, BYD Han transcended its rivers and lakes, not impossible.

Excellent blade battery safety, transcending the interior and configuration of the luxury car, long life and powerful acceleration performance, so that other equivalents look at their tops, although the listing is only half a year, but BYD is launched, I also won the new 2020 new The top ten in energy. The author is quite optimistic about the future of BYD Han, knowing that this is a car that represents the highest level of China’s new energy.

Fourth: Chery EQ; 6316 in January

The fourth is Chery EQ. This micro-electric car is equally good in January, although it is not possible to compare with Hong Kong MINI EV, but still adds 6,316 units, a market performance of 741% year-on-year, let it Lead in the micro electric vehicle market. Although it is small, the layout of its four is more practical. Two-door design plus more than 3 meters of the long and more than 2 meters of the wheelbase, whether it is design or configuration and battery, it behaves very good. After the listing, its sales have exceeded 130,000, which became one of the most successful models of China’s new energy microcar.

Fifth: Aion S (AION S); sales of 6092 Ean S in January is 6,092 in January, a year-on-year increase of 130.1%, still leading in the same level, Ean S is in the north and Hainan area, the street rate on this car is high, one aspect is the choice of individual users, on the other hand, there are travel companies in use. Ean S can have such a market performance, and its excellent product is a major factor.

In a strict sense, AION S is also a potential opponent of Tesla Model 3, but there is a small advantage in terms of product cost performance. Exclusive pure electric platform, intelligent ecological cockpit, automatic driving system, excellent power performance, make it recognized in the market. In addition to Ean S, Ean is also layout Ean V, Ean LX and other models, giving consumers more choice.

Sixth: Euler black cat; sales 6090 in January

Euler black cat continues the excellent performance, and it has reached 6090 in January, ranked 370.3% year-on-year, ranked sixth, only 2 gaps with the fifth place. After the Euler brand is constantly pushing new, the Eu La cat series product matrix is ​​constantly rich and perfect, in addition to the eu-kitchen, also launched European white cat and positioning higher European Cat, giving consumption More choices. In addition to the layout of the product, Euler is also increasing new, honeycomb new energy and a series of new technologies, which will make Ou La stand out in China.

Seventh: Ideal One; Sales 5379 in January

Ideal One is 5,379 sales in the first month of the year, a year-on-year increase of 355.8%, although there is only one car, but ideal one as a representative model of the new forces, or has a good reputation, this bit Xiaopeng and Wei Can’t compare with it. For new forces of the car, the ideal car is more optimistic about the author. What is the performance in the future competition, but also the market and time to verify.

Eighth place: Cleifei Clever; sales of 5176 vehicles in January

Clever Clever Rank 8th, some accidents for many people, this is a model of performance is not a very stable model, and its sales in January reached 5175. As a micro electric car launched by Roewe, there are many opponents, and the product force itself is not very good, and there is not much advantage compared with other models of the same level. In summary, Clever Clever The performance of the month can only be described with amazing two words.

Ninth place: Roewe ERX5; sales of 3,779 in January

Roewe ERX5 has 3779 transcripts in the first month of 2021, a year-on-year increase of up to 6 digits, is really horrible. The upside of this car is only in the Northern China, etc., and there are not many people in other provincial capitals. Don’t mention the three or four-tier cities. Compared with Roewe RX5 fuel truck, its performance and penetration rate is too low. .

Tenth: Xiaopeng P7; sales of 3,710 vehicles in January

The ranked tenth is that Xiaopeng P7, Xiaopeng P7 in January is 3,710, as a subsidy start price of 2.299 million yuan, the top-bearing model more than 400,000 yuan, the new energy country car, can Such a performance is already quite good. From the positioning and pricing, this is also a domestic model that will look at the Passla. Xiaopeng G3 recalled in the beginning of the year, which also shows that if you want to make a new force in the market, you must first work in the product. After all, the brand is compared to the luxury brand, and only in the product Doing a good response to the future, in order to compete in the future market competition.

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