The main trade of the automobile industry will be easy to do? At this time, the assertion is time.

Qin Shuwen

Senior editing, current chief commencher of China Motors. Graduate from the Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, a master’s degree. There have been 30 years of car journalism.

Recently, the news that the automobile “reficient” caused some of the news of some car companies to reduce the production of production. Due to the adherence price increase in chip companies, rather than in the past, the international experts have issued a warning of the “main trade of the automobile industry”. Because of the apple plan entrusting the Ya-Site to make a car, Baidu Hand in the hands of Ji Mi, Microsoft increasing Cruise, etc., has also had the foreigners of the easy hand.

“From the general to slave”, after the requirements for stability, the high-level heart of the car is inevitably generated in the heart of the heart. Such situations will undoubtedly enhance the heat of the global currency in the context of capital crazy, new energy vehicles and smart car stocks, “Tesla Effect” is difficult to repress.

For example, Evergrande has not sold, and the stock price has skyrocketed by 60% after financing. The high-rise of the unids of the ambition is eager to declare the success of the transformation, deliberately forming the relationship between the capital market.

The most amazing thing is that in recent days, “Typical representative of PPT products” Jia Yueping and his Fala are suddenly fired, and the “will” word news; it will join hands to join hands Geely, Zhuhai Municipal Government and Gree, Huafa Two local leading companies, but also to be listed on Nasdaq, USA.

These routines are so familiar, after the golden hook, the special golden tortoise.

The capital market is crazy chasing the new power of the car, and even some deliberately degrading traditional car companies, giving a “half of the sea water, half is the flame” feel. That “sea water” is a traditional car company, “flame” is the new force of the car. According to so, it seems that the future of the automotive industry is really easy to do, because the capital market has been investing tickets with real gold.

The ambition of capital is not necessarily correct. Please don’t forget the Internet bubble 20 years ago. To be honest, the author thinks that don’t look at the new forces of the car to send purple in the capital market. In the foreseeable future, the development leading rights of the automotive industry will not fall in their hands.

Let’s talk about the problem that the chip may lead to dominant transfer.

The use of cars and computers and mobile phones. The chip is just a class of parts on the car. Although the chip on the new energy car is twice as the chip is more than traditional vehicles, it is not a whole car after all.

More importantly, its soul and function is to give it a car company, not a chip founder company like TSMC. Although NXP, Renesa and Yingfeiling’s type of car chip enterprises have injected some souls into a car, but they also threatened the main leading trade.

Follow Tesla to get rid of the practice of British Weida self-developed automatic driving chip, firmly confident in traditional car companies. Tesla will hand over the manufacturing business of 5 nano-automatic driving chips to Samsung. He is not worried about Samsung will steal.

Samsung, TSMC and UNION electronics and other chip founder also unintentionally compete for the development of the automotive industry. They have a simple price increase, the production line has been full of load, and the car enterprise should add orders, crowd production capacity, and increase the price increase of raw materials, and the price increase is imperative. Who will estimate the China Auto Market under the influence of new coronal epidemic last year? Of course, as long as the car enterprise accepts the price increase, there is a big money to earn, why don’t you do it? It is said that the construction of a new car chip production line is about half a year. With this, this year, the pain of the chip is obviously relieved in the second half of this year.

Let Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, and other traditional multinational giants are not just the problem of shrinking the chip crisis, and they have lost the preferential treatment of usually enjoyed the maintenance status in chip suppliers. This time, they had to negotiate the chip supplier’s lion, and the cost-effective compass required for the continued significant increase in the price.

It is said that the mass car can’t supply the body’s stable system chip, and the high-rise is very annoyed, and it is necessary to launch a claim to the two suppliers of Bosch and the mainland.

The practice of Japanese cars should be much gentle. They have a seminar with chip suppliers, and the results are proposed to review the traditional inventory management principles. That means that the new crown continues to race, you don’t restore the requirements of zero, change the dead brains, learn to change, learn Hua, more, and save the food. Purchase prices have to rise, inventory has risen, a radish cut two heads, and the car company is only playing the tooth belly.

The author believes that the problem of high-end car chips continues too long, because in the past three years, China has suffered enough “short-deficient”, and China is going to solve this card neck problem. As for the investment and research and development of the integrated circuit industry, how big is the policy support, this will not be described.

Let’s take a look at the development of the development of smart cars has problems that may be easy.

In the future, the brain and nervous system of smart cars will not only leave Android, Apple and Microsoft three people like the current mobile phones and personal computers? The author feels possible, but the possibility is not big.

At the moment, the traditional car company giants are only developing their own automatic driving and web technology, and they are running with the shape of the car, and they can see which faction can truly in the “Central Plains” standing. “Jiuding”.

One thing can be sure, the pioneer is often not laughing; OTA is frequent, “neuropathy” is often in the “neuropathy” like Ttersla “suddenly accelerates”, always let the owner’s conceivement, suffer from injury, accumulating bad reputation, and finally escape However, the “popular song star” type fate is outside the tradition of the track. With the structural reform of the talent team, traditional car companies will make up the software of this deadition, become a hipster.

The author thinks that due to the most complex power system, the technical leading relief, the components constituting a pure electric vehicle are also reduced by 40% higher than traditional gasoline vehicles, and the foundry mode is likely to give existing automotive industries. The pattern brings a huge impact, but it is not enough to take the leading trade of the automotive industry from traditional car companies, because they are constantly evolving.

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