The new car owner is spitted by the leeks, Qin Lihong: This is the shame of it, he is sweating

A few days ago, a video of a vitcous and azure leeks almost spread all over all WeChat owners.

As it is, “Tesla, old car owner, the official leeks”, the case of the new car owner, “said the large-scale spread, triggered the hot discussion.

But I didn’t expect that there is a great new owner feel that I have been cut.

Yesterday afternoon, our “Electric Vehicle Association” 4 groups and 2 groups of two riders shared a post of a vomiting, saying that we are very good, it is recommended that we look good.

This laser is a new owner who has just ordered the ES6 sports version of November. He has criticized the services and products in the post, causing other awareness of the owners and the official concern and discussion.

The founder of the United States, the president Qin Lihong also replied to him in the comments, said that the owner had such an experience, they will be invisible, and it is seriously improved.


What did this new owner spit?

In terms of service, the owner combines two points:

1. The exclusive group is not moved, not inform the vehicle production process in time.

He is set at the end of November, and the list will be locked in early December. According to his understanding of the online understanding, after the lock, the staff of the prop-exclusive group will often inform the owner’s vehicle production process.

However, his exclusive group, only had a speech on the first day, and there was no movement.

2, unpleasant experience of buying blankets.

For a few days ago, he bought a blanket in the Mall, but did not receive the goods. He went to the consultant, the result of the result was that he bought a pre-sale, and the 20 can arrive. The owner said that he bought it is not pre-sale, but he doesn’t want to argue again.

Tucalye is a fine product:

1. It is too much to choose to match, the standard is too small, and Tesla Model Y is high, the price is lower, cost-effective.

In the face of the competition of Model Y, what is the owner of the owner to recommend the car?

He said that you can understand that the old owner is not comparable to Tesla, or it is maintenance to derogate Tesla’s behavior, but he has not mentioned the car, and it is impossible to see that Model Y cannot be more compared.

2, it is a new car owner.

Although this statement is not what he comes out, he feels very close to him.

He believes that it is very meaningful to the old owners, but the welfare of these new owners is almost cut to see. For example, the new car is mainly two choice of 6-year-old electricity and household chargeholders, and the old owner completely enjoys unlimited power generation.

More comilate is that FL (Sales) also recommends that he went to Taobao or salted fish to buy third partial charging piles. In this way, not only don’t enjoy the exchange of electricity, but also buy an extra charging pile, which makes him very unhappy.

In this regard, he feels that he can understand the unlimited exchange of electricity, but 6 exchange and home charging piles per month should be the rights of each new owner, should not be two choices.

3, life, battery expensive.

Now the life of the 70-degree battery is very pulled, but the cost of upgrading to 100 degrees is too expensive.

He believes that the battery technology update is very fast, the cost will be getting lower and lower, Tesla will launch a lower cost of lithium iron phosphate battery model, why can’t I come?

4, driving recorder, 360 reversing image, HUD display is too monotonous, etc.

He pointed out that the first two days saw a car owner DIY replacement driving recorder, but the big manager had to cancel the car owner’s full car warranty.

The driving recorder problem has been followed for 2 years. It was originally a car company to solve it. .

At the end of the post, the owner said that because he only bought the aware car, the vomiting is to make it a proposal. He hopes that it can be able to build a car, and the existing problem can be solved as soon as possible.


More car owners

After receiving Qin Lihong reply, the owner himself (the first reply under Qin Li Hong) also said:

In addition, some owners have published their own opinions under the post, and we will excerpase a few exceptions as follows.

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