The new energy vehicle “exchange era” is coming, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has organized multiple city pilots

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Energy Administration recently decided to organize the application of new energy auto power exchange models to implement the “New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)”, promoting new energy car shift mode innovation Application, promoting new energy vehicles and energy depth fusion, support carbon Damu peak, carbon neutralization target realization.

The specific content of this joint pilot has a total of seven aspects, including strengthening technology research and development, supporting enterprises to carry out new energy automobile power-saving models, power batteries, power transmission equipment and other key technologies, improve product technology level, protect quality and safety performance; Demonstration applications, based on urban actual demand, develop a reasonable and feasible power-saving mode vehicle promotion goal, encourage the first to pilot in public areas such as bus, rent, urban logistics distribution, port, mine, and promote commercial operation in private sectors.

Promote the power-exchanged application, carry out the exchange pilot, first enable new energy vehicles to better promote some areas without charging piles or inconvenience. Secondly, through the development of electricity exchange, more battery reserves can be added, which is an important means of power system peaks, and achieves the power grid better through the power demand of the PHICO Valley.

This year is the first year of “14th Five-Year Plan”, the state is strengthening from industrial ecology, integration development, charging infrastructure construction, and promoting new energy vehicles development. With the development of new energy vehicles, policy on new energy automotive industries, mainly focused on solving the problem of industrial development market, if there is a charging infrastructure that requires land resources, the power battery recycling of financial support, the market is in new The role played in the development of energy vehicles will be larger. This document clearly improves infrastructure, and is also considered to be one of the largest highlights of power-on policies.

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