The new Model s real car exposure, the rectangular steering wheel debut, the overall style is extremely simplified

At the beginning of this year, Testra announced the information of the new Model S, where the rectangular steering wheel is most eye-catching, and many people ridicule this steering wheel is simply a tree bag bear. Recently, from the relevant channels, the new car is taken, and we will sneak peek.

The design of the new car has changed, although the overall still continues the ever-style element, but the change of the front face can be seen, the current looks more flat, the big lights on both sides have the gods, although the position of the A column is not changed However, the front front head looks more compact, streamlined and power is stronger, like a beast, waiting for the arrival of the prey. Before we have also guess that the body of the new car may have done some reduction in the height of this “low”, but there is no specific data to support this conjecture, perhaps only the design and adjustment, Bring the visual difference.

More comments from new cars come from interior, the change of new cars is great. If there is any impression, you must remember that the interior of Model S is actually a luxury style, and the new car is completely moving toward Model 3 / Y. Interior elements, almost all of them can remove the configuration, leaving only a large size of PAD, which is very obvious, some people think that Tesla is the apple of the auto industry, this minimalism The design style is very comfortable, it looks more comfortable, and some believe that Tesla is in “scalpered” and luxury cars should have a luxury car atmosphere.

Anyway, this rectangular steering wheel still attracts a lot of attention, and its shape has some steering wheels similar to the F1 race, the future feelings and the sense of control look stronger, but how the feeling and actual use are, it is still not known It is necessary to have a real feeling. However, there is a little can’t ignore. There is no function button on the new car steering wheel. This means that the new car has already given up all the physical buttons, all the mode of virtual buttons, the scientific skills have indeed improved, but doctive Convenient, you need to make a small question mark.

The seat of the new car uses a monochrome mode. It is currently the white version. In the future, there may be other options. In short, the entire interior looks very simple, it is difficult to say that it is “cheap”, but true Lack of some high levels. In addition, there is an 8-inch liquid crystal display in the back row. It is said that it can be combined with the car game, let the passengers use touch screens and even handles to play some simple games.

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