The non-mainstream pure electric SUV of the sword walks, Alpha Jax officially unveiled

Recently, after the Alpha Motor Corporation of Alpha Motor Corporation was later, the new car was named alpha jax after the Alpha Ace. The appearance of the body does not pursue mainstream design, extremely retro styling style has become its largest highlight. The new car is positioned as pure electric SUV. The booking mode has been opened. The mass production version will be delivered to US consumers in 2023. It is reported that the price will reach $ 38,000, but Alpha official has not disclosed its production plan.

On the appearance, the ACE previously released by Alpha Jax has an extremely similar style, and the overall presented a fairly retro design. The front face of the new car uses a closed design. All the rounded transitions are carried out at the corners of the Founder’s head. The front headlight set also uses round rectangular design, and the roof is also equipped with four high-performance spotlights. The bumper below appears very retro hard. The 4560mm of the captain leads to a lot of compact SUVs in the same level, so that the car side seems to be more difficult, and the use of a lot of arcs makes the body look elegant in the muscles.

The design of the tail section echoes the front of the head, the taillights use the outstanding penetration design, and the overall layout is extremely simple. The roof racks and front boxes have increased the practicality of the vehicle.

The design of the rear bumper is similar to the front of the head, coupled with a large-scale inclusted arches extremely thick texture, adding a lot of wild atmals to the tail.

Enter the inside of the body, the overall layout style is completely different from the round-exterior circular shape, and the design of the transverse line is used in the vehicle, and the joining of diamond stripes also makes the corner of the car more distinct. The large-scale central control screen is set in the most eye-catching position, with a full LCD screen, and abandon most of the physical buttons in the car, obviously the future feeling of technology is placed in the car, non-rounded design steering wheel setting. The entity button, the door handle set a rope, very unique.

In terms of power, Alpha JAX is divided into two-driven version and four-wheel drive, with the four-wheel drive version of the drag and drop force up to 839 kg. The front and rear motor + electric control four-wheel drive system provides powerful power, and the endless mileage exceeds 400 kilometers, and the 0-96km / h acceleration time is about 6.5 s, the battery capacity will reach 75 kWh.

In the case of the new forces of the car, the new car Alpha Jax uses non-mainstream design, hardcore, and the scientific and technological wind, the retro style has a kind of classic car feeling It makes people have an illusion that returns to the last century, and also creates a more strong off-road breath, and friends who like retro cross-world style will be refreshed.

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