The people’s smart cars, Xiaopeng P5 is more than just a laser radar new car

Open the door to see the mountain, Xiaopeng P5 or will become the cheapest, fastest delivery of laser radar smart cars. This incident is significant because we see a self-brand, after loading high-tech, the price is all over.

After some domestic smartphones can’t be easily started, the independent smart car has begun to make us hope, the smart car market will eventually become a big toy to the rich?

With the full outbreak of electric vehicles, smart cars have become the future direction of automobiles, and one of the important features of the smart vehicle is the automatic driving system, which is also a big selling point for new energy vehicles.

Even if Tesla’s car quality is very poor, it is worse to lose its user’s sense of trust, but its automatic driving system is still leading the opponent, and it has obtained a monopoly position.

Before the official opening of the Shanghai International Auto Show, the automatic driving system ushered in two revolutionary incidents: one is Huawei automatic driving system road test exposure, and another is Xiaopeng Motor to release the new popular model P5, is expected to become the first Surrural laser radar smart car.

Under Tesla’s leading, the automatic driving assistance system mainly based on visual and millimeters, almost the standard configuration of the smart car, thereby achieving a formal scale commercially available from the L2 to the L3 automatic driving system.

Whether it is Huawei’s entire smart car solution, or Xiaopeng self-developed NGP automatic driving assistance system, making smart cars become user sought after, showing the future smart car should appear.

However, independent smart cars are getting higher and higher, the configuration is getting higher and higher, and the price is also constantly breaking through the user’s psychological line. In this context, Xiaopeng cars will popularize electric smart cars, let smart cars become user tentacles. Products, not just to have money or enthusiasts.

Before the official opening of the Shanghai Auto Show, Xiaopeng Motor held a separate exclusive debut for P5. The entire electronic architecture of Xiaopeng P7, the new appearance and interior design, plus the positioning of the popular household sedan, has made P5 a model of the majority of users.

Although P7 launched Pengyi Edition, the price will be high to 400,000 yuan, but the entry price of P5 will be less than 200,000, and 20,000 can have a high smart car. For users with electric car purchase requirements, the alternative list is to reappear, because there is a more worth considering of intelligence and cost performance.

In this Shanghai Auto Show, we saw that almost all car companies have entered the era of electric intelligent automotive automobiles: the independent brand collective is fully upward, while Toyota, Volkswagen, General and other multinational car companies have also officially announced its new pure electric model.

In this world’s largest, the fastest, the most developed new energy auto market is a multinational tradition of multinational traditions with strong brands, or the independent brand has been singing all the way in this road, one riding?

On the new road of electric smart, maybe no one dares to win, and the majority of car companies have a unique insight in this new segment, and Xiaopeng cars are to do “Popularity of technology” “The popularity of smart cars.

P5 For Xiaopeng Cars, more is its third model after G3 and P7, but for smart auto markets and majority of electric car users, significance is extremely significant.

We will be happy to see the self-owned brand is fully went up, and get the strength of the multinational car enterprise, but you can’t make your smart cars become the phantom of the aerial pavilion.

A smart car belonging to the people soon, it will be achieved by Xiaopeng Auto this year. This first mass production smart car with laser radar will refresh Xiandong breakthrough.

Xiaopeng P5, Give Me Five!

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