The price is as high as 36.69-40.99 million, why is Xiaopeng push P7 Peng wings?

On the evening of April 9, the Fosun Art Center, located on the bank of the Shanghai Huangpu River, is held here. Although the name is a delivery ceremony, it is actually more like a Talk show, Xiaopeng invited the well-known musician Gao Xiaosong and the three young Xiaopeng P7 Pengyi version of the car owner to launch the intelligent electric car’s era dialogue, such marketing measures Fresh in the circle.

The so-called P7 Peng wing version is the P7 scissors door version. Speaking of scissors doors, usually, it is often used for sports cars. This time is used in P7, which can be described as the first new forces, even the new forces first sports car – the future K50 is just a normal door design. Therefore, P7 after the scissors door is installed, naturally it is not cheap, the price is as high as 36.69-40.99 million, and the average selling price of nearly propel.

Previously, Xiaopeng and the average brand positioned different, the former facing the high-end, the latter is facing high-end; the mainfront of the two products has not been intended, Xiaopeng is playing 15-3 million mainstream market, and the main 35- 600,000 luxury markets. So the launch of the P7 Pengyi Edition means that Xiaopeng and the luxury brand electric vehicle in the market have the first confrontation at the market level.

For Xiaopeng brand originally positioned mainstream markets, the launch of P7 Pengyi Edition means that Xiaopeng has once again opened the product, the brand is attacking, obviously, this is never a very easy thing. At this point, Xiaopeng is clearly clear. Why is Xiaopeng still launched such a product?

1. Industry Basics determine Xiaopeng this set of gameplay has a successful

In the past, China’s car brand launched an attack, often has a specific logic, the core is the product power, and must form a level of the joint venture brand, the so-called low, smaller. However, there are countless cases, and the successful people are. He Xiaopeng, who is born in the Internet, is obviously not familiar with a set of logic. For why the P7 Pengyi version is launched, he is just simply, “pretty cool”.

On November 20 last year, Xiaopeng P7 Pengyi Edition debuted in the Guangzhou Auto Show, for the birth of this car, He Xiaopeng also said something similar, “Xiaopeng car has always strive to consumers Go to provide a good way to open a fun, more want to play a different thing in smart cars to meet this group of vibraticate special consumers. “

For the logic of He Xiaopeng, the traditional car circle is more difficult to understand, it is said that it is speculative behavior, and it is only a long-termism. If we change your ideas, it may be more likely to understand – smartphone. The truth is that every time I have asked the development prospects of smart electric vehicles, He Xiaopeng always has the development logic.

For the future of smart electric vehicles, He Xiaopeng may not be very clear, the logic line of smartphones is the basis for supporting his theory. In P7 Peng Wings, it is really difficult to understand why Xiaopeng does such a “personality” model, but in the smartphone market, it seems to find some reference, such as Huawei Mate Porsche, Xiaomi Mix Fold.

Xiaomi, Huawei, Xiaopeng is not high-end brand, but through Mix Fold, Mate Porsche, P7 Pengyi Edition, they have entered the high-end market, and the three have their common nature, all through some personal design elements. Original product. From market feedback, although these products have no particular success, it is difficult to say that failure can be said to have a certain basis for brand attack.

Such a gameplay is extremely rare in the traditional Chinese car brand. Of course, there is different industries behind this, traditional automobile markets, China’s brand has never solved the core power problems, the so-called foundation determines the upper layer. So what about the new energy market now? Obviously, it is strong, China has not only has the world’s strongest new energy supply chain, but also a number of new energy brands, including Ningde Times.

Therefore, for the brand of Xiaopeng, this brand of brand is in line with the actual industry, and has successful soil. However, how to “Small” to “Encycloped”, this is not just a problem of playing, and is the problem of enterprise system, and even the problem of the national core component card neck, such as intensive chip crises. Xiaopengqi really wants users to provide the ultimate product, make the brand bigger, and now think about how to build an intelligent electric vehicle industry chain system.

2, the user is supreme, the Chinese auto market transitions from the seller market to the buyer market

The traditional Chinese car brand is difficult, and a core is that the product has been defined by the joint venture, and the user has formed a joint venture brand. The new energy market does not exist such a realistic issue. On the contrary, the product definition of smart electric vehicles masters in the new forces brand headed by Tesla. In this respect, the market is the most direct answer, no need for unable to defend.

Take the P7 Peng Wing Edition as an example, its integrated battery life is 562 and 670 kilometers, in the leading position in the market, and is equipped with the world’s best 811 battery in Ningde era. In terms of intelligence, P7 Pengyi Edition is equipped with China’s best smart driving system Xiaopeng Xpilot 3.0, where NGP left a relatively good reputation in the user group.

With the support of leading and strong products, Xiaopeng is convinced by users. For example, P7, although Tesla Model 3, BYD Han EV has a lot of gaps, but the average monthly three, four thousand achievements are not bad for Xiaopeng. For example, P7 Peng Wings, according to media reports, the P7 Peng Wing Edition accumulated orders for P7 flagship has exceeded 20,000. More importantly, the choice of Xiaopeng’s users have a lot of guests, and the trainees of Zhang Yang have not only laid the foundation of Xiaopeng, but also defines the connotation of Xiaopeng brand. For example, Talk Show’s P7 Peng Wing Edition three quasi-car owners – short video sector creators, cars and technology fanatics, and love for digital products.

According to the information provided by Xiaopeng Auto, Xiaopeng P7 Pengyi version of the book owner mainly 20-45 years old, the biggest Pengyi version reservation owner 66 years old, Xinpeng friends from 60 cities across the country. It is worth mentioning that more than half of the people have chosen Peng Wei Edition main push color ultraflicit green, which is the most personality, and the color of Zhang Yang.

Xiaopeng car believes that “these data is enough to illustrate the exploration road of seeking new and seeking changes, the pendants are all over, there is no difference between age and space – there is more and more people, willing to share with Xiaopeng He is warm in the life of intelligent travel. “

He Xiaopeng said that as a technology company that is extremely explored spirit, Xiaopeng Automobile has strong best to accept fresh things, innovation and subversion spirit, dare to break the status quo, lead the pendant of the times to provide exceeding the expected smart car products, and P7 Peng Wing Edition is clearly a product.

As the first generation of China’s first generation, Gao Xiaosong is named musicians, but the smart electric vehicle for the Internet, and the birth of the Internet is not unfamiliar. When talking about the understanding of smart cars, Gao Xiaosong has used a popular metaphor. Summary: Smart cars, like a smartphone with four wheels.

Well, China’s auto market has changed, at least in the smart electric car market, the simple seller market has disappeared, and it is replaced by the user-centered buyer market, and users have to have the world. This seems to be a fever P7 Peng wing version, it is not unpleasant.

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