The public launched a parity version of electric car id.3 city, will this pricing affect sales?

As a car giant around the world, the public has been very vast market for many years. Especially in the Chinese market, the multi-design of the popular models is deeply rooted in the heart, whether the atmosphere is stylish or spacious, the space in the car is the favorite of Chinese consumers. With the wave of electric vehicles, many traditional cars have opened their own electric vehicles, and the public is also a member of many brands. Not long ago, the public launched an entry version of ID.3 model in the European market – ID.3 City, the surrounding price of 32245 euros (about RMB 251,000).

This new car has more than 30,000 European sales prices to become the cheapest car in the ID.3 series, although the price of the renminbi is still not low, it is like a macro Mini EV, more than 30,000 The price is not too expensive for European people. The purpose of the public is to reduce the number of vehicles to buy, take low-cost strategy, expand the market share, and consolidate their position.

Don’t look at this price is not high, but you can calculate your conscience in configuration. Unlike domestic models, the car is standard with active safety driving system, adaptive cruise, emergency brake, pedestrian identification, lane maintenance auxiliary, driving mode switching and other security configurations and keyless access / vehicle one-button start , Car atmosphere light, LED headlight / taillight, mobile phone interconnection, voice control, OTA upgrade, etc. Comfort configuration, said it is a good trolley with a strong sense of technology.

All kinds of configurations do not pull, but the power combination of the car is not strong. The car used the layout of the post motor, equipped with a 37 kW, 310 ortural motor, and it took 8.9 seconds per 100 kilometers. You know that this is a 2021 pure tram, and this dynamic output is really not too good. At the same time, the battery capacity of the car also has a certain degree of shrinkage, and the capacity is reduced to 45 kWh, and the pure current is 350 kilometers. From this series of data, whether the power output performance is still a comprehensive life, the consumer group facing the car is very limited, the young people will not like the driving performance of such a vehicle, and the middle-aged and elderly consumers are in the car. There are also many other options. It can be foreseen that if the car is introduced into the country, unless the data performance of several items is improved, in order not to pay for the public, even if there is a massive feelings, it will not pay for it.

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