The red-burst is not finished, the Hong Kong MINI EV program is shifted into the European market

Since Tesla introduced into the Chinese market, ignited the enthusiasm of domestic consumers for electric vehicles. Both major manufacturers have seen the huge potential of this market, and have launched their own electric models. This is to mention is that SAIC’s universal Mitsi EV has been launched last year, because of the ultra-low price and the appearance of the sleep, once listed, it will be sought after by consumers.

For such a hot situation, the manufacturer obviously cannot stop this. In March this year, the macro MINI EV Makaron version was launched. At the same time, the new convertible version based on Hong Kong MINI EV was brought together during the Shanghai Auto Show, and once again hot all nets. In the domestic hot market, the manufacturer saw this car indeed the potential of “people to see people”, so the manufacturer decided to launch the same replacement model in the European market, named freze nikrob.

Although the European market is the world’s largest new energy car sales market, it is necessary to know that the price of a new energy car is inconvenient in Europe, so this market prospect of this price of freze nikrob is quite safe.

This new car is responsible for assembly by a car manufacturer of Latvia. It is expected to be less than 10,000 euros, 125 miles, which is very suitable for local just needed. The company’s person in charge also said that he had strong confidence in this miniature pure tram, and believes it can play a world in the European market. Even the person in charge first, introduced the first year of Europe to sell 10,000 units, and planned 40,000 units in 2025, and the sales of more than 100,000 sales were reached in 2030.

Have to say, the crazy performance of this car in the Chinese market makes people see the market potential of small miniature electric vehicles. It is necessary to know that Wuling Hongguang MINI EV last year has been listed until it is now less than one year. Sales broke through 27 Wan Taiwan is a lot of performances of many brands.

However, some industry insiders express their concerns, mainly for the poor safety performance of Hong Kong MINI EV, some experts believe that the car may not be able to pass harsh European standards. Companies responsible for assembling sales have also planned in advance. According to person in charge, the car will upgrade in safety performance after introducing Europe, further complying with European sales standards. What do you think about the European performance of Hong Kong MINI EV?

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