The scenery of the Shanghai Auto Show is no longer, and a new era begins.

The 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show officially opened today, and it is not exaggerated that it has become the first car event in the world.

As the world’s first automotive market and new energy auto market, China’s economic epidemic is strong, and China’s autonomous cars have been committed to the efforts in recent years, and global cars have ushered in China’s auto era.

Auto Show, this imported product, once a year of global car companies, and the overseas global auto show that has been severely plagued by the epidemic has already been suspended, and it seems that there is no impact on global car companies to release new models, and obtain the attention of users.

The auto show is not a new thing in the Chinese market. The auto show in various places in the past few years is also blooming everywhere, and then, the three major auto exhibitions in the north, and it has completed the success of the success in these two years.

If the 2020 Beijing Auto Show and the Guangzhou Auto Show are narrowed due to epidemics, the scale has shrunk, from this Shanghai Auto Show, we also saw that this most important stage was being weakened by car companies.

Whether it is the number of cars from the exhibition, or the area of ​​the car enterprise, it seems to have seen the chills in a lively. However, this is just the scene at the auto show, outside the auto show, but the vehicle enterprise has a fire.

In front of the auto show, almost all car companies have announced new heavy new products, such as Geely Jiqi 001, Xiaopeng P5 and Volkswagen ID. 6, etc., perhaps the new product that is delayed is concentrated in 2021, the auto show The small stage has not been able to have a full-time schedule.

Once in the epidemic, the exhibition is forced to cancel, and the car enterprise is in the exploration, finding marketing methods such as online conference, and the intervention of the new media platform and various mature online promotion programs, let each The big car entered the sweetness.

More direct advertising effects, more direct advertising effects and online data, which are more direct than the line, which is the real meaning of the car company.

One more, the previous auto show, in addition to the car company occupies the protagonist of the media day, then during the day of the audience, the large-scale dealer team is in the auto show.

Today, the pattern of potential users is being broken, because whether it is a new car force, or a traditional vehicle enterprise electric car, a direct sales mode and online sales method.

In addition to the scene of this auto show, almost every car company is synchronized to carry out online conferences, and the auto show announcement is announced to the global audience. This is a collective change in the car enterprise. It is also a concentration of the epidemic. reflect.

In addition, there is a huge exhibition cost of the auto exhibition, it is increasingly difficult to attract users and visit people, behind the user’s consumption habits, for the brand’s understanding, the recommendation of friends, seems to let the online car shop no longer Not to mention the scene of the auto show away from the city.

The auto show has had a new explosive new product. There are all famous car models, and even a variety of rights protection incidents. Now the new car is exposed before the auto show, the car model is more than the audience, almost become a dealer. Exclusive stores, and even car salespersides are more than the audience.

In the past few years, there have been many car companies that have exited the world’s major auto shows. Perhaps such a thing will not happen in the Chinese market, but there will be no new and vast new car companies, existing car companies In the continuous reduced booth area, this will make China’s major auto show huge choices.

Once we bought a car, in addition to the major car information platforms, we went to the 4S shop to see the car, buy a car, and after-sales service, now this regular mode is slowly disintegrating.

Think about we buy a bottle of shower gel now, buy a bag of rice, even buy an air conditioner, will you go to the scene to see again? Online shopping, combined with the product brand, which is already familiar with, the trusted e-commerce platform, and all the fields such as the service detail.

As our old driver who gave the car company to support the activities, the car enterprise is now in a frequently and higher user maintenance activities, which is not imagined before.

With the more and more eye-catching, the car brand and its product characteristics are also tentacked, plus the convenient online car purchase order, and the ultimate service such as the door and user maintenance, the automobile sales market ushered in the new The change.

The auto show is still an important stage, but it is no longer the only stage. The scenery of the Shanghai Auto Show is no longer. This is the beginning of an era. This change is more than just the new operation of the car enterprise, the new communication channel, but also the car consumption. Changes in groups and consumption habits.

The auto show will continue, where will the future go, maybe the opener needs to consider, just relying on the booth collection, no longer survival, the first step is to provide a full process propagation service in online and offline.

Perhaps we will not go to the 4S shop to see the car, but go to a network of red shop to punch, drink a cup of coffee, take the baby to participate in a party, this era has already changed, but this change has been strong in Shanghai The auto show is noticeable.

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