The second phase of the BMW electricization will unveiled the IX, and the next five years is defeated.

On April 18, Shanghai, the auto show before night, IX is in Asia’s first show

Automobile companies are turning into technology companies, and striving to launch a scientific and technological flagship model to endorse the company’s scientific strength. In the BMW Group play this role, it is BMW ix.

BMW ix is ​​the mass production version of BMW Vision I-Next. You can know this name from Next, the BMW Group’s expectations for this car. This is a cornerstone model that lays the future of BMW, which represents BMW’s future car development concept in automatic driving, car networking, new energy, new design.

On the evening of April 18th, the Shanghai Auto Show, BMW IX and other models appeared in the “2021 BMW Group Night”, showing the most powerful power of BMW in the field of travel.

IX Contains for IX3 and I4 previously launched, indicating electricity, digitization into the second phase. In the second phase, IX is the C bit main will. The electricity, digitization, and new design of the BMW Group can do what level can be done, and can be borrowed from this car.


From inext to ix

When BMW initiates an inext project, it is clear that the project is the cornerstone of the BMW Group’s future development, the group and all its brands will benefit from it.

Today, the quantity model IX of this project is finally arrived.

In 2018, BMW Vision INEXT has been a Boeing 777 freight machine, flying to the world’s four major cities to hold a closed appreciation.

BMW Group is not a beautiful word for this model, because it does represent the peak level in various fields.


BMW has the simplest interior in history, cutting 50% of the physical buttons, canceling the traditional central console, the space of the main co-pilot is opened, and the extraordinary sense of space is achieved.

The first comprehensive display of the “Shy Tech Invisible Technology” concept, including:

A large-integrated suspension surface is the first creation of the mass production car in the automotive industry. The large screen is bent to the driver side, more conforming to the human surface structure, making it intuitive, making the screen operation easier.

The panoramic can be toned, and it is also an unneaverned design in an industry. BMW is called “bright top”. It has the integrated seamless glass roof brings a convertible transparent, but also one button turns into the sky of the sun.

Another detail of Shytech: Crystal is a control disc

The latest generation of human machine interactive system: IX uses new BMW iDrive, user interface with bold graphics, futuristic picture, and rich light shadow. The operation interface adopts a simple suspension dynamic magnetic sticker, and can also be set freely according to the needs of each person, and only the home screen can meet the daily needs of 80%.

The latest generation of electric drive system: equipped with BMW fifth generation electric drive technology. IX also has a variety of extreme climates, performance tests in the road, and it also conducts field testing in China, allowing innovation BMW IX to be more perfectly adapted to China’s unique road conditions and charging environments.

The most environmentally friendly production method: IX is a model created with the ultimate sustainable development strategy. BMW Group will apply the experience accumulated in the sustainable field in the sustainable field and in the manufacturing concept, and have developed a strict environmental protection requirement for the entire life cycle of the entire value chain and the car.

However, this is only the first appearance of the IX mass production car in China, and its performance parameters have not been announced. According to the previous information, IX will have 600-700 kilometers of battery life. The automatic driving level may reach the L3 level. However, BMW always takes into account performance and reliability, stability. If the colllegal parameters, IX may not exceret, but it should be at a line.


Digital and electric double drive

On the night of the BMW Group, Gaul, President and CEO, BMW Group, introduced the Plan of BMW Group in digital and electricization.

In digital, BMW Group is driving digital technology in various departments. At the global, there are about 10,000 software and IT professionals in the BMW Group. More than 400 artificial intelligence applications are promoted to strengthen data drive development.

Gaul said that China is the frontier market of digital innovation, and BMW Group has continued to practice digital strategies in China. In April this year, BMW Song Information Technology Co., Ltd. has begun to operate. This new company will cooperate with the three R & D centers of BMW Group in China, and the Collection Digital Information Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly build a digital innovation pattern in China. . At the same time, the BMW Group is committed to building a new brand socialization experience for the owners and fans in the digital age. Last September My BMW APP launched in the Chinese market, the number of registered users has exceeded 1.5 million, and became one of the user to access the BMW digital ecosystem. Important contacts.

In terms of electricization, BMW Group plans to deliver approximately 10 million pure electric vehicles in the world in the next decade. Since 2025, BMW Group will launch Die Neue Klasse’s “New Generation” model, which set up new benchmarks in digital and electricization, and increase sustainable development to an unprecedented height.

Gaul introduces BMW Group Electricization Strategy

Gaole also introduced the electric evolution in China. BMW Group has currently accumulated 100,000 new energy models. By 2025, a quarter of the BMW Group delivered in China would be a pure electric vehicle. By the early 2030, MINI’s all models will realize pure electric, while still selling global brands. China will play an important role in MINI’s future strategy, and the BMW Group has established a “beam car” with the Great Wall Motor, which will produce pure electric mini models in China. 3

Electricization second phase

In the end of the BMW Group, a BMW pulled the super run I8, facing the stage, slowly. When arriving in the middle section, the IX to the opposite side is against the visual. Later, the two cars are interlaced, I8 is driving to the depths of the stage, while IX continues to move forward, and opens a C bit in front of the stage.

I8 and IX handover

This special design is transmitted, and the BMW has completed the first phase of the electricization and the second phase of the second phase.

In accordance with BMW plan, including electricity three steps.

The first phase is the Project I that started in 2007. This phase is applied to the product array of electric technology explored I brand, especially in the plug-in hybrid model, typical representative is I8.

The second phase begins with products that are equipped with different drive technologies on the same model – whether traditional fuel engines or pure electric drives can be applied to the same model. All of this is based on smart vehicle architecture and highly flexible production network.

At this stage, the model is the BMW IX3, BMW IX and BMW I4. BMW IX, due to the most cutting-edge technology of Baima, it is clear that the second phase of the main model.

Starting from 2025, BMW will enter the third stage of transformation. The core product of this stage is a matrix called the “New Generation” program. “New Generation” models will have three major features: fully redesigned IT and software architecture, new generation of high-performance power drive systems and batteries, and throughout the new sustainable concept throughout the vehicle life cycle.

Between 2021 – 2025, IX is explored in digital, electricization, and design, will also be reflected in other models. Before the “New Generation”, IX must strive to fight, and save “grain and grass” and experience for the next stage of the BMW.

5 years later, perhaps I4 drove the stage, and the “New Generation” model became the protagonist. There is always a newcomer for older people. However, the BMW of the vicissitudes is, it is constantly challenging yourself, surpassing your own process. It should be very clear that you don’t have to eliminate yourself tomorrow, you will be eliminated by others.


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