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The demand for new and unique content in the entertainment industry is constantly increasing and due to the increasing number and ease of availability of streaming platforms, a significant increase in the production volume of film / TV series is being noted globally. The role of film festivals held all over the world has also become very important, through which it has become relatively easy to choose the best content for different platforms. The biggest benefit of this whole process has gone to independent and new filmmakers. He is also bringing his work to the forefront with world renowned filmmakers through these festivals.

Pakistani-born Canadian actor and filmmaker Sarem Jaffery’s short film “One Last Shot” has won dozens of awards on various platforms at the competitive and exciting international film festivals featuring thousands of films from around the world. done.

The film won the Best Short Film and Weaver’s Choice Awards at the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as Best Drama at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival in India and the Aneros Film Awards in Italy. Jaffrey also played the lead role, which covers the life of an emerging musician. His main rival is Pakistani-Canadian model Aneeqa Zulfiqar, who has previously worked in the world of modeling and theater. In the film, she has shown the essence of her best acting, on the basis of which she was awarded Best Actress and Best Couple at the New York Film Awards. Leading Pakistani actor of 80’s and 90’s, Zaheer Raza Jaffery, played the role of a villain. And in dramas like Earth, he has shown the essence of his acting.

Sarem Jaffery, who received his acting training from Humber College Toronto, has acted in many PTV dramas as a child star, while his first film, Na Band Na Barati, released in 2018, was his first film. Later, Sarem Jaffery is currently working on two new web series that will highlight issues facing immigrants and mental health issues.

“One Last Shot” highlights the importance of the Pakistani film industry globally. However, Sarem wants to continue his role in introducing Pakistani cinema internationally and consolidating the country’s positive image through art.

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