The skyline opens the oversight of the whole vehicle: the first show NOA program, the journey 5 chip release this year

Skyline Chief Ecology Xu Jian

The historical opportunity of the chip manufacturer in the age of smart car.

On April 19th, the Chief Ecological Officer of the Skyline said in the Shanghai Auto Show. The new trend of the subversive innovation of smart vehicles will be driven by intelligent driving and car intelligent intelligent intersection, continuously enhances driving experience. And finally realize the human machine.

This day, the horizon of the whole scene is officially released, which contains two sets of solutions, namely:

Horizon Matrix solution, the main automatic driving.

Horizon Halo Solutions, Startard Car Intelligent Interaction.

These two sets of solutions have been verified by mass production.

Among them, Horizon Matrix provides a full range of automatic driving solutions, including:

Horizon Matrix Mono Assist Driving Solution

Horizon Matrix Polit Pilot Driving Solution

Horizon Matrix FSD Fully Automatic Driving Solution

It can be understood that the skyline provides a complete set of L1 to L4 automatic driving solutions, which have four features: high cost performance, high reliability, high utilization rate and flexibility.

1, the horizon version of NOA opened the test drive for the first time

On the first day of the Shanghai Auto Show, the skyline opened the company’s first Pilot pilot driving test activity.

On a road of Shanghai Jiading elevated, the car’s heart tests the skyline automatic driving function experience car, which is equipped with the horizon MATRIX PILOT scheme.

Although this set of options belong to the back-mounted engineering sample, its actual performance is not inferior to the pilot auxiliary driving function on the market.

Horizon Matrix Pilot is a smart driving solution based on the Skyline Journey, which belongs to the L2 + level.

It is equipped with 6V5R, which is 6 cameras and 5 millimeter waveradirs.

6 cameras are:

1 8 megapixel front camera

1 rear view

4 side elements

The camera can achieve a 360 degree percent of a perceptual coverage.

Compared with the existing autopilot scheme of Tesla, the main point of this program is that a 8 megapixel front-view camera is used, while Tesla uses three front-view cameras.

Since this 8 megapixel front-view camera has a 120 degree level of view, a greater range and more accurate visual perception can be achieved.

It is understood that this set of regions of the horizon integrates a visual high-precision positioning algorithm, which can realize the positioning accuracy of the lane level without a high precision positioning box.

In addition, the horizon uses a high-precision map in the scenario, while Tesla’s program is just a simple navigation map and the ADAS map, and combines the camera to integrate.

Our test drive is equipped with Horizon Matrix Pilot for the horizontal journey 3 chip, which meets the design of passive heat dissipation, which means that the system level reliability and can perfectly meet the fuel model more Strict heat dissipation conditions.

The equation 3 of the journey 3 is 5 TOPs, and the overall scheme AI is between 10 – 30tops, and the program has made special training for China’s road conditions, tuning through data selection and algorithm, in security and driving experience Aspects on automatic variability and overtaking, tunnel pass, large curve, ramp, ramp, urban road pass, etc. have better support.

During the test process, the perceived identification and vehicle control of the horizon of the horizon have been quite stable.

The overall feeling is that the automatic modir of the horizon is relatively smooth, and the identification of peripheral information is relatively sensitive prior to the change, and can even react with sudden plugged vehicles.

When driving in a large curvature curve, the vehicle can perform automatic deceleration, smooth down to 40 km / h before entering the ramp, is the maximum speed of travel within the ramp.

The staff of the skyline revealed that the system can deal with a curve of 70 meters of the radius of curvature, because the 120-degree field angle of the front camera can achieve a complete monitoring of the lane cable of the large curvature corner.

When elaborate, the horizon can basically successfully complete the task.

However, when an out of the trunk is turned into the main road, because the rear vehicle approaches, the system automatically exits the PILOT function and can only take over once. After starting again, it is finally successfully completed.

During the test process, the heart of the car also experienced the human machine of the skyline, which is its innovative test for automatic driving.

The so-called human machine is to complete the operation by the driver and the automatic driving system.

The skyline will set trigger conditions in the system, and the scenes of our experience are:

When the large truck in front of the vehicle is slow, after judging that the left rear vehicle distance meets the condition conditions, the system triggers automatic overtaking function, and ask the driver to automatically change the channel, and to get the driver’s confirmation instruction, and judge the surrounding environment After automatically changed, the system will control automatic changes and overtakes.

According to the landline engineer, in addition to the audience scenery experienced on the same day, the interior of the horizon has completed the development of nearly 100 people.

This type of operation of automatic driving through voice output instructions and the machine is currently a novel automatic driving interaction mode.

2, how to automatically drive the skyline?

Behind the skyline open Matrix Pilot test, the company is more worthy of attention to the driving of automatic driving.

The horizon positioning Tier 2, its automatic driving scheme has the characteristics of high cost performance, high integration rate, and open cooperation.

High cost performance is reflected, the sensor of the automatic driving system is relatively simple.

For example, Pilot uses 6 cameras, 5 millimeter Prada, this set of schemes, in addition to camera and millimeter waves, the most important is the use of high energy efficiency chips.

The size of the size of the horizon is very high, so that the physical integration force can be fully transformed into a performance output such as a key automatic driving technology such as perception. “Due to the efficiency of the chip, the cost of automatic driving solutions in the horizon can be half of the program costs on the market.”

Flexible collaboration means that the horizon selection mode of open ecological cooperation.

In fact, Mobileye has abandoned with its cooperation because of not opening, leading to the new car company, and cooperation with its cooperation and turning with more open British Weida.

Zhang Yufeng, Vice President and Smart Driving Product Line, Vice President of Skyline

So, what extent is thereon of open cooperation in the horizon?

Zhang Yufeng, vice president and smart driving product line, said that in addition to providing high-performance automotive smart chips and post-support services, the horizon is also available in a selection of mature algorithm reference design, and even mass production algorithms to some host plants.

At the same time, because the chip of the skyline is open enough, it is also possible to open development tools and software capabilities, and the flexibility to support the host factory to create differentiated automotive intelligence applications.

Flexibility means that the horizon cooperation method is more diverse. According to the heart of the car, there are three ways to cooperate outside the horizon:

The first, is similar to Ying Weida, only providing chip hardware to customers.

The second is to provide a complete solution including a chip, an algorithm in accordance with customer needs.

The third is to cooperate with customers, providing chips and toolchains, collaborative customers, and creates a complete solution.

In addition to automatic driving, the horizon also creates Horizon Halo car intelligent interactive solution in the smart cabinet.

Horizon Halo️ 2 made based on the skyline journey 2, is being a frequency iterative algorithm for the month.

At present, Horizon Halo️ 2 issued children’s mode and gesture control, which will also launch the elderly model, sound pattern identification, multi-emotional identification.

Based on the Skyline Journey 3, the intelligent cockpit solution is based on the journey 3 improves the accessibility of 5 TOPs, up to 6 camera access capabilities, and supports more MIC access, which supports the front row and the back row. In the car, the full-scale perceptual interaction of the visual and speech, the algorithm model of Horizon Halo 3 has hundreds of algorithm models.

In addition to the mainstream automatic driving function, the horizon also proposes that the concept of human machine is based on its three-capable of using the vehicle’s visual perception, car visual perception, and car inner voice perception, and forms a car inside and outside the linkage solution.

Through the interior and outside the car, you can let the system take the initiative to tell or ask the user to automatically drive the next strategy, and then make people build better mental safety, understand the machine’s decision and execution logic. At the same time, it can also build human-computer mutual trust, build intelligent, humanized driving experience.

Of course, the human machine still needs to resolve trigger conditions definition, machine operation efficiency, etc., how can voice output instructions can be quickly responded, such as when the traffic flow is relatively large, so that the operation timing is not missed.

3, the door to the driving enterprise

The smart cockpit and the automatic driving scheme of the horizon are not hanging in the air, but have entered the quantity delivery phase.

Up to now, the skyline has released the journey 2, the journey 3 chip. Among them, based on the journey 2, the skyline has developed a series of smart cockpit technology.

At present, the process of the journey has been equipped with Chang’an Uni-T, Chang’an Uni-K, and the map Free, Jianghuai Automobile Siwx, Guangqi Chuanqi GS4 Plus, SAIC MAXUS MIFA concept car and other models.

Overall, the partners of the skyline have included Audi, BYD, Changan Auto, Great Wall, Dongfeng Auto, Guangqi Group, Hongqi, Jiangqi Group, Ideal Auto, Chery Automobile, SAIC Group and other host plants, and Des Siwei , Dongwei Rui Chi, Mainland Group, Fretech, Folia, Huayang, Asia Pacific, Yingbo Liferts, etc. Tier 1.

According to the data published by the landline, it has now achieved more than 20 automatic driving models of mass production and fixed-point.

With the release of the large – minder chip, the skyline is accelerating the rhythm of the automatic driving track layout.

Based on the journey series, three automatic driving solutions have been developed. such as:

Journey-based 2 can realize ADAS assist driving

Based on the journey 3, the system can implement L2 + and PILOT pilot auxiliary driving functions

Based on a higher degree of force, the system can implement FSD automatic driving function

According to the horizontal timetable, Pilot 3 will get in the next year, and the journey 5 chip will be officially released this year, based on the final production of the next year of the journey 5 next year, 200-500 TOPS.

This set of schemes supports 12-way photographic programs, which can be used to use laser radar, realize the point-to-point without takeover automatic driving, urban parking and automatic driving, and automatic driving of the full scene cover.

In fact, chip suppliers are not fresh, British Driving, Mobileye has been layout for many years, but for domestic chip suppliers, the skyline is stronger into automatic driving, meaning the domestic auto market for high-level automatic driving market Demand and technical conditions are mature.

In terms of skyline, it is desirable that its automatic driving scheme can serve the models of each price.

Next, in addition to the official model, there will be more models of the journey series chip products.

In the face of Mobileye and Yingwei Da’s two heavyweight chip players, the high-cost utilization rate of the horizon is flexible, and the pain points of the automatic driving industry are cut directly.

With the appearance of more quantitative models, the skyline will enter the core battlefield of automatic driving competition.

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