The value is comparable to model3, the cost price does not lose the Adud Han, Xiaopeng P7 do you know how much?

In today’s auto market, most of the consumers have a few requests. First, the value is high, followed by a highlight of the vehicle, and then the price is the problem, most consumers are very valued, After all, it is not easy to make money, you can buy a car that makes yourself satisfied with your heart with a lower price. It is really a pleasant thing. With the popularity of new energy vehicles, and some policies have the advantage of new energy, the price of high value is high, and the cost-effective car has become the main direction of people.

There is such a car, its value is in the same way, and the cost-effectiveness is equally in contrast to BYD Han, which is the same as the color P7 of the color and strength. There may be many people who don’t know much about Xiaopeng. In fact, as one of the new power of the car, Xiaopeng has already stabilized with his own products in the new energy market, do not believe it, let’s take a look at Xiaopeng P7 Car.

In terms of appearance, Xiaopeng P7’s shape is much more than its brand name, and the overall design uses a design language similar to space soldiers, and the overall shape is simple, but every detail is designed very well. Former face as an example, the light and decorative plating strips formed through the passing type, like a soldier with a helmet in a science fiction? The side curve of the body is worth mentioning. It is very soft to the curve design. It is basically a bit frustrated from the front of the car to the car.

In terms of interior, the appearance echoes each other, using simple design style, double steering wheel, dual-link design instrument panel and multimedia screen, has added technology and science fiction color, the entire central control There is no complex design, but it seems that there is a high-level sense, and it has formed a contrast with the bustling urban life, but there is no feeling.

In the end, I introduced the driving force of Xiaopeng P7. Taking 2020 Xiaopeng P7 as an example. This is the entry model of Xiaopeng P7. It is equipped with the maximum horsepower 267PS motor, peak torque is 390N.m, 100 The km accelerates 6.7 seconds, the battery life is 586km, which is 2.299 million, which is very high in the same level.

How, everyone thinks that this Xiaopeng P7 is not what you imagine?

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