The vast architecture of the sword out of the sheath, the extreme krypton 001 explosion price

From the pre-sale of the hot extent, the best 001 or the brightest in the Shanghai Auto Show.

According to official statistics, the pre-sale is 12 hours, and the predetermined amount of extreme 氪 001 has exceeded 210,000, and the car is just the first pure tram under the vast architecture of SEA.

Extreme 001

An important reason for booking hot explosions is the price.

Best 001 three cars price, on this basis, manufacturers also provide comprehensive subsidies

After the comprehensive subsidy discount, the magic 氪 001 will sell the pure tram loaded by 100KWH power battery to 266,000 yuan, and create a new industry.

The hot, not all because of price. The cross-level configuration is also an important factor: air suspension, the world’s first 7nm process Mobileye Eyeq5h chip, four electric doors, 0-100km / h acceleration time 3.8 seconds, any one, take it, is a million-level fuel luxury car Configuration.

On the extreme 氪 001, so many configurations are superimposed together, consumers only need 360,000 yuan.

Product strength, cost performance, extreme 001 is difficult. After the hot back, it is the advantage of the Geely Sea’s vast architecture behind the extreme 氪 001.

On April 16, the spring is warm, next to a blooming rapeseed flower field, Hangzhou Bay is listed, and the 001 is listed. Spring of Geely Electric cars may come true.


Power battery system: CTP + Ni55

Extreme 001 set the best three-electric technology on the electric vehicle industry chain.

The Ni55 power battery pack of the extreme 氪 001, a set of group efficiency reached 72%.

The Ni55 battery is based on the Ningde era. Based on the 5-Series battery, the three-dimensional lithium power battery of higher energy density is achieved by lifting the charging cutoff voltage. On the extreme 氪 001, the charge off voltage of Ni55 is 4.35V, and 4.2 V of the ordinary ternary lithium battery is 0.2 V higher.

Extreme 001 battery pack

With the CTP (Cell to Pack), the power battery pack of the extreme 氪 001 streamlines 35% of redundant components. The power battery pack of the heterkin 001 reached 72% by the fusion of both CTP and Ni55 techniques.

In terms of power battery safety, the blood is designed with a 360-degree battery safety protection system for the power battery pack. In this system, the battery safety protection system is constructed by the battery compartment, the crew, and reaches 4000N · m / deg in terms of the stiffness of the body.

In the design, there is a 15-column-side touch, a tag safety technology such as 45 ° release, and a small angle, side touch, column hit, spherical reserve, etc., greatly improved Passive safety of the power battery pack.

In terms of cost, the 100KWH power battery model can be 266,000 yuan, enough to see Geely in the cost of power battery, it is quite advantageous.

In terms of winter battery life, the extreme 氪 001 is equipped with direct heat pump air conditioning technology, high temperature high pressure refrigerant direct heating, 50% reduction in winter energy consumption in PTC, and the heating speed is increased by 35%, and the winter battery life is 15%.

In the interview link after the press conference, the expert Li Mingyuan, who is responsible for the three-electric technology, said that he is the advantage of Geely Group, has 5 years of experience in power battery development.

Li Mingyuan said in five years, from the 2017 Rui Electric Automotive Technology (Ningbo) Co., Ltd., started to count.

In the motor, the extreme 001 is matched with the double permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the integrated output power can reach 400 kW, the maximum output torque can reach 768N.m.

According to Li Mingyuan, in order to ensure a better driving experience, the tensulosis uses a higher cost rare earth motor to ensure higher motor output efficiency.

From the parameter, the 8-storey card-type flat line stator winding technology is permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the maximum speed of 16500R / min, and 97.86% of motor efficiency are indeed in the industry. Level.


Evilable driving experience

Evilable cars, a new idea proposed by extreme 001.

elk test speed up to 82km / h in 3.8s, even in the field of electric vehicles, so powerful performance is not much.

But in the future, this driving strength, or after an OTA upgrade, it will be further improved.

Extremely 001, the whole car is upgraded by the OTA function on the driving performance components.

The part that cannot be upgraded is the traditional appearance, interior, but the 氪 001 is still good in this regard.

Polar 氪 001 profile

In terms of appearance, the extreme 001 is cross-level. The hunting shape is often only available on a fuel luxury car priced by hundreds of thousands of fuel luxury cars. The hunting shape of the extreme 氪 001 is just crowded with the hearts of young consumers.

Extreme 001 interior

4970mm long, 1999mm wide, long up to 3005mm wheelbase, hunching version of the slope, these are popular in young consumer groups.

Although it is still visible to the trail of the leader, but in terms of design, the extreme 001 has made its own characteristics.

The whole vehicle adopts photoelectric map aesthetic design concept. It is visually sufficient to attract consumers to attract consumers to attract consumers to attract consumers to attract consumers. It is worth mentioning that under this appearance, the wind resistance coefficient of the extreme 氪 001 is as low as 0.23cd.

In terms of acceleration, the acceleration time of 0-100km / h is only 3.8s, in the same price competitor, in the leading position, in the contrast of foreign competitors, the same does not fall.

From the actual parameters, the permanent magnet synchronous motor adopted by the extreme 001 reaches 16500r / m and 97.86%, respectively, and is in the same level of leading levels, at the highest speed and motor efficiency.

The motion attributes that continue the self-cadprogram brand are also displayed in the extreme 氪 001.

In the braking distance, the brake 34.5 meters from 100 km / h to 0 is only 34.5 meters from 100 km / h to 0, which is benefited from the four-live Seabrebo brake system adopted.

Extreme 001 is the first car created by the Houli Polymer Platform of Geely Polymer Platform

In the exercise training, the 氪 001 has an exclusive technology Z Drive “extremely controlled” digital chassis technology.

Digital control of four-wheel air suspension, CCD electromagnetic shock absorber, steering system, and electric drive system, etc., by using the chassis domain integrated electrical architecture.

In driving mode, the extreme 011 supports 7 kinds of driving modes: sports, energy saving, comfortable, personalized, snow, sand, off-road. With OTA evolutionary ability, the hem 氪 001 will provide users with a variety of driving control modes (such as track, drift, etc.) in the future to meet more scene needs.

The driving experience of continuing the packet brand does not mean compromise in the comfort of the 氪 001.

In order to maintain ride comfort, the extreme 001 can effectively reduce suspension to the shock and vibration of the suspension by using a hydraulic suspension bushing, and enhance the overall NVH performance of the vehicle.


2 cars in the future

“Based on the vast architecture, we can build a new car faster.” Xu Yun, the name of the pole 001, said in the conference. “In the next three years, we will build two cars based on vast architecture every year.”

Despite the launch conference and post-meeting, whether it is a lot of CEO Anhui Cong, or the 极 氪 001 The author of Xu Yun has not given the specific information of the future model plan, but two cars are also enough for one year. Prove that the vast architecture is launching the strength of the pure electric car.

Vast structure

The vast structure, the biggest feature is that every car can make. From the full-size coverage of the A-class car to the E-class car, all of the storms such as cars, SUV, MPV, small urban cars, sports cars, pickups and future travel vehicles are met.

Another feature of the vast architecture is that software defines the car.

The SEA OS in the vast framework will complete the three domain fuse to the central integrated electronic electrical architecture integration, and through the interoperability between the hardware and hardware, and hardware software, software algorithms, cloud computing, and application scenarios, making it an organic whole. Furthermore, thereby mobilize the overall development of multi-dimensional interactive experience and scene construction.

The extreme 001 is still the first model and has such a strong strength, and the new models built under the vast architecture in the next few years are also worth looking forward to.

It is easier to make a car, but on the market level, the blood must start from scratch.

Separate with the gacket, it is independent of the Extreme Kryn Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. with high-end pure electric vehicles, in the marketing channel and method, the tensus is also distinguished from the packet, and the direct sales model will be established.

Each will create a direct system

The Burkhonomy Marketing Plan is to establish a high-rise center, the extreme space two-level direct sales model, set up a delivery center, service center, and provide delivery and after-sales service for the purchased owner.

But in marketing mode, the most important is social center.

An Huica said that he will be a joint company, and the tensile consumers can socialize in the center of the pole. It is a company philosophy of the tension to this extreme to share the interests of 4.9%, as a Create Fund and the owner.

In terms of service, you can also build a fast charge station, and it is expected to provide a 350KW super fast charge site to serve the owner.

In terms of service landing, the vehicle’s maintenance will land within the rear sales network, but all after-sales personnel are managed by the extreme.



The timing of the extreme 氪 001 appears, appropriate benefits.

On the one hand, it is a market education stage for motor vehicles, especially intelligent electric vehicles, has been gradually recognized by consumers.

On the other hand, the layout of traditional car companies in the pure electric vehicle industry chain is gradually beginning to appear. From the power battery to the pure electric vehicle platform, and even the accumulation of automatic driving technology, traditional car companies have been the most resources in the automotive industry.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, the grass is coming, almost every joint venture car company must use the pure electric car as the main exhibition car, and the cohabitation of the joint venture car company in China’s electric vehicle industry is further acquisition in the past two years. Promote consumers to see smart electric vehicles will become the mainstream direction of future automotive industry.

In this case, the extreme 001 appears in front of the auto show, it can be “intercepted”.

In fact, Chinese consumers have a cognition of smart electric vehicles, not just market education. Further, Chinese consumers have gradually realized the intelligent electric vehicle field, and the smart electric vehicles in China’s local car companies are not larger than foreign-in-law, even better. Chinese consumers have the demand for smart electric vehicles, entered the evening night, and joint venture cars cannot provide consumer satisfactory products.

Geely launched a lot of kryny brand in this Qinghai, launched a lot of 001 models, in low prices, cross-level configuration methods, accounting for the initiative to master the intelligent electric vehicle market.

Although the official’s official is not fully published in the future model plan, strategic planning is not completely announced, but with the hard strength of the vast structure, and the successful experience of the packet, the future development of the blood is in the future.


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