This is the real PLUS, the huge transformation of Guangqi Chuanqi

For car companies, it is generally launched a small change model every year. In recent years, these small change models will be prefixed by Plus, Pro or Max, which is actually a small change in the year of not painless. .

Guangqi Chuanqi as a benchmark company in the autonomous high-end automotive market, after realizing the departure of cars, SUVs and MPVs, continuously introducing new, providing users with more personalized products to meet more market demand.

Car products – New Chuanqi GA4 PLUS has just been officially listed, as a self-owned brand up to Million sales SUV model, after launching the GS4 Coupe and GS4 PHEV family model, Chuanqi GS4 launched another new family model, that is Just officially unveiled in the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show.

Different from other small changes, Guangqi Chuanqi This new Plus SUV model is different, we have finished using a sentence, that is, it is big.

The new Chuanqi GS4 Plus has a new “Shock Tianyi” and “Star Wings” double design and interior design, which is a comprehensive update of the GS4 model series. In the latest batch of new car directories announced in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we can see the detailed parameters of this name inductance PLUS model.

In the appearance and power, the body size of the GS4 PLUS is 4710 * 1885 * 1726mm, the wheelbase is 2710mm, which is much larger than the current GS4, and will also be equipped with a new 2.0T turbocharged engine and love letter 6AT gearbox.

Chuanqi GS4 Plus is equipped with the first super-interactive smart cockpit model, equipped with 12.3-inch full liquid crystal meter and 10.1 inch central control screen, behind the Adigo Intelligent Federation system, support Apple Carplay, Huawei Hicar and Baidu Carlife three mobile phones product.

With the official appearance of Chuanqi GS4 Plus, GAC Chuanqi Strategic model GS4 will form the strongest series of GS4, GS4 PHEV, GS4 Coupe and GS4 PLUs, and establish a benchmark of the autonomous high-end brand, launch a comprehensive attack to the SUV market. The situation.

Speaking of self-autonomous car brands, we must always mention the brand up, and the rapid development speed, and this statement is to build in a low-quality market in a low-quality market in its own brand, otherwise there will be “up” The statement.

Whether it is Geely, the Great Wall, or Changan, BYD, we all see that it can see its main models and have no impression that the self-owned brand is inherent. On the road to the road, car companies continue to launch new brands, such as Geely packets, The Great Wall of Wey, Changan Uni and BYD’s Dynasty Automobile, etc.

In detail, these brands are more based on the original brands, and they are working, materials and quality upgrades. They are invisible, such as models, components, and production lines, are common, even identical.

Guangqi Chuanqi did not take the development of the independent brand, starting from low, but standing on the shoulders of the history of independent brands, giving out a new road, from the establishment of the establishment of the autonomous high-end auto market .

Although this road is very hard, the increase in market size is also easy to be seriously hindered, but Guangqi Chuanqi has been adhered to, gradually launched the car, SUV and MPV full range of models, becoming an independent brand, not multi-full series of models synchronous Developing car companies.

Guangqi Chuanqi as a cargo car company in the autonomous high-end auto market, and its most heavy models are true about the three 8 high-end cars of the car GA8, SUV GS8 and MPV M8.

In recent years, in the face of the new direction of the new economic development, the new direction of the automotive market development, Guangqi Chuanqi continues to adjust himself to meet the development of the market, and is committed to providing users with high-cost high-quality automotive products.

Starting from Chuanqi GS4 Plus, Guangqi Chuanqi will formally ushered in a huge period of change, product, brand and service will be fully innovative, strengthen the status of autonomous high-end brands.

Once Guangqi Chuanqi GS4 led the development of the independent brand SUV market, now the new development of Guangqi Chuanqi, the new development of independent brands, will use this new Chuanqi GS4 PLUS as a new starting point, ushered in a new development height .

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