Tianneng Zhang Tianshi: Recycling faces three major challenges recommend support battery circular economy

“Further support the regeneration utilization of power lithium battery, promote the circular economy; further support the development of lead battery industries, promote comprehensive efficient use of resources; improve the consumption tax collection or reduction of lead battery consumption tax.” Recently, Zhang Tiande, Chairman of the National People’s Congress, Tianneng Group It is said that in the national two sessions of this year, he submitted four proposals and 22 recommendations. The content involved in the circular economy, formulating “personal bankruptcy law” and “social credit law”, encourage private enterprises to participate in the “new national system” and accelerate advancement Construction of the Yangtze River Delta Industry Cooperation Zone, strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights of small and medium-sized and medium and medium-sized enterprises.

As the helm people of Tianneng Power and Tianmeng Shares, Zhang Tian, ​​who has been engaged in the battery industry for many years, and a number of recommendations submitted in the two sessions of the country involve a circular economy.

The new energy power lithium battery is usually 5-8 years, and the effective life is 4-6 years. The current power lithium battery in the first batch of investment has entered the decommission period.

Zhang Tianshi invoked the China Automotive Technology Research Center. In 2020, the domestic accumulated power battery will exceed 200,000 tons (about 25GWH). In the next few years, this figure will also present an exponential growth, which is expected to have a total retirement amount in 2025. 780,000 tons (about 116GWH).

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has previously issued the “New Energy Automobile Waste Battery Comprehensive Utilization Industry Standard Condition”, that is, the industry commonly known as “white list”, currently, two batch of 27 companies have entered the “White List”.

However, Zhang Tian was righteous and developed. In the process of entering the recycling, “White List”, in the business development process, facing three challenges: The first is not to receive the old battery, the second is to make a cost of money, the third is not Enter the ticket. Since the waste battery is in the individual, the recycling company is unable to obtain the corresponding value-added tax invoice. When selling to the regeneration enterprise, the value-added tax cannot be performed, resulting in the recycling enterprise tax negative. The irregular recycling company has sold the battery to the small workshop, small refinery, and raise the battery price. This further weaken the competitiveness of formal enterprises, and “formal army” is not ” The situation of the guerrillas.

Zhang Tianyi suggested that strict recycling of renewable enterprises’s access to the “White List” enterprises are stronger; for the lack of reagent, it is recommended to give tax deduction, specific tax deductions, in termination products 8% of the value-added tax deduction is given, alleviate the cost of the compliance enterprise due to the purchase of non-ticketing batteries; it is recommended to provide policy subsidies to the compliance of lithium iron phosphate regeneration and use enterprises, targeting phosphate battery treatment The problem of inverting “, which can be recycled or tax benefits in accordance with the standards of 1500 yuan / ton to 2,000 yuan / ton, to improve the enthusiasm of the treatment of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

For lead storage batteries, 70% of the ingredients in the lead storage battery are lead, with extremely high recovery and reuse value, my country’s recovery reuse rate has reached more than 90%. However, the lithium power battery sector has the same problem in the field of lead storage batteries in the field of recovery and regenerative use.

Zhang Tianshi said that the lead battery sector has been separated, and the cost of regeneration and the cost of regeneration, the tax concessions are different.

Zhang Tian served as a result of the unified taxation standard for the recovery link. Considering the actual situation of the recovery link cannot obtain the actual situation of entering the ticket, it is recommended to recycle the value-added tax payment standard for enterprises, levy by 3% of small-scale taxpayers; selling regenerative resources for individual operators to pay for payment The appointment rate of individual income tax is unified to 0.5% to reflect the fairness of tax policies. At the same time, he suggested that the regeneration link increase the tax return ratio, and strengthened the supervision and maintenance of fair order.

Zhang Tianshi pointed out in another recommendation that lead battery companies have low profit margins, and the main business profit margin has been in 2% -4% low range years. It is recommended to improve the consumption tax collection policy, comply with the reduction of tax reduction, and make full use of the consumption tax payment statutory time window, no longer incur a lead battery in the expropriation, or optimize the adjustment of the current consumption tax collection policy, can reduce the tax rate 1 to 2 percentage points However, it is also possible to distinguish between qualified high-performance sealing-free maintenance lead-acid storage batteries and traditional lead storage batteries; it is recommended to establish a consumption tax relief policy, implementation of the consumption tax of lead storage batteries, and the implementation of production enterprises recycling in investment. Policy; suggestion Adjust the proportion of consumption tax, adjust the consumption tax by central tax to the central local shared tax, and further improve the enthusiasm of local governments, and better implement the production of the producer’s responsibility system extension.

Disclaimer: This article is for reference only, does not constitute an investment recommendation, and investors operate according to this, risk.

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