Toyota: I am not anxious, you are so embarrassed

Exploration is very bold, the application is very cautious

For Toyota, there is a good news and a bad news in the Shanghai Auto Show that has just passed.

The good news is that the Toyota in the pure electric tide has been “countercurrent”, and finally there is an electric car, not oil to change, not a finished product of the joint partner, but the standard E-TNGA pure electric platform product.

The bad news is that when other foreign brands are put on electric vehicles like dumplings, this named BZ4X is still a concept car, and it is the fastest to listed next year.

Moreover, even in the form of the concept car, BZ4X’s simple Toyota taste (especially the very middle-controlled screen of the old style color TV) has nowhere to hide. This suction, not to say that the product ratio of independent brands and new forces, even if the public, Ford ratio, Ford ratio, is not very enough.

The only thing that can help Toyota is resolved, and it is the same in pure electricity “not thinking”.

This auto show, the latter also took out the first active electric car E: prototype, but it is a quantity of original car, compared to Toyota’s concept car, and finally laughs.

I don’t worry about electricity.

Change individual brands, this day, today, in this rhythm, it is unable to be defeated by the pen, and even deducted a hat that does not respect the Chinese market. However, it is always very real, there is not much “black” point Toyota, which can make the industry to see the inside and outside: there is money and idle technology, you are pouring it.

It seems to feel the expectation of the outside world, although only a pure electric concept car, Toyota intends to have a great scene. Not only in Hua Gao, CTO and the ZEV FACTORY senior high-level ZEV FACTORY department established for the development of zero emissions, Declare the importance of BZ4X to Toyota, but also the attitude of Toyota carefully engaged in electricity.

This occasion, it is naturally inevitable to stand in FLAG. Toyota announced that by 2025, Toyota and Lexus brand introduced new electric vehicles in China will reach 30, of which pure tram type will reach 10. At the same time, in the global scale, 15 pure tram types were launched 2025, including 7 BZ series products.

30 electric products, listening is good, after all, this contains mixed, inserted, pure electric or even Toyota to lead the fuel cell car. The number of brush brush is not so difficult to mix the permeability in Toyota and Lexus products. 15 pure tram type, how to contain gold, also to be observed. After all, I have to change the oil like C-HR EV, Lexus UX 300E, which is easy to get it.

It is actually a BZ series of products based on E-TNGA pure platform. According to the first product in 2022, it can be listed in the rhythm. In the next few years, Toyota has to take at least 2 positive electric vehicles every year. This rhythm, catch up with the mass I.d series of the MEB platform.

Therefore, although it is slow to shoot, but it is already very hurry on the Toyota, which has always been four flat and eight-faced.

Since Flag is standing, it is also an externally, but it can’t be delayed. During the auto show, Toyota booths have a lot of heavy, new Hanlanda, Ling Shang, the crown of resurrection into a brand, etc., is the role of the market. It is a Japanese brand that is the highest in China’s highest market last year, Toyota is experiencing a good period.

In this case, the pure electricity should be carefully, and it is not worthy of chaos yourself. At the event of the car show, CTO Guaixian Changyan said in the introduction of the BZ series, “all electric products, the import of models, and finally choose consumers, not vendors.”

The subtext is that Toyota stepped on the rhythm of the market, and it won’t worry because of the outside world.

There is food in the family, I don’t panic in my heart.

Of course, it can be very straight back, saying that the market is not only the other, and it is also thick enough.

This thick, not only in the overall sales tray, more embodied in a mixed technical dividend.

Since the launch of the world’s first mixed models in 1997, the total sales of Toyota mixed products in the world have been to 17 million. This scale effect allows other cars to find dust. In addition, many years of death, the core technology, which also makes Toyota have full discipline rights on any problem involving electric drive.

So, don’t look at the electric cart, drag the pull, discuss the electricization, Toyota is an absolute master.

With mixing this amulet, it is naturally calm in everything to reduce carbon. The most typical, other car companies are caught up by European emissions and China “Double Points” policy, even throwing business logic, hard to new energy.

But in Europe, Toyota is almost unrelated to insertion and pure electricity, only relying on the ultra-high ratio of mixing in the product (more than 55% in 2020), it will serve the emission indicator in qualified line, let the peers They are ignorant.

In China, the situation is a bit different. With more than 10% of the products, Toyota responds to the fuel intensity in “Double Integral”, there is no pressure. This is more like this, especially after the sale of large displacement products such as Prado. But on the new energy points, it is inevitable that it is a bit effort because of the long-term notleration and pure electricity.

However, since it is a “test”, there is naturally a way to hold a Buddha.

On the one hand, the joint venture partner is relatively strong, especially the new energy, and the new energy is popular, and the ready-made product is packaged directly. From Chuanqi GS4 EV to Ean S, the car standard does not have to change, and it will change directly into GAC Toyota IX4 and IA5. After a meal, Guangzhou Automobile has a good reputation to the Toyota reverse output technology, and Toyota earned points, all happy. FAW Toyota has also had similar operations, and the Junpai A70E has changed to FAW Toyota EV. It is just a half-hanging energy in new energy, which can be given limited.

On the other hand, a batch of insertion and oil-modified products in recent hours, also helped the Toyota to ease the integral pressure. Previously, there was even news that BYD of the joint venture company last year and Toyota, to help the former to produce electric vehicles. Toyota will be rich in posture, can’t help but call.

Market acceptance

In general, Toyota is not a pressure on the problem of carbon production, but it is much smaller than the peers. Therefore, in the issue of developing pure electric electricity, there is a god-garde capital.

Of course, Toyota has no sense of pure electricity, is also the fact. At the end of the Toyota chapter, Toyota is speaking, although there is a suspicion of excessive interpretation of the media, but also the attitude of Toyota has always been the attitude of pure electricity.

True to say, Toyota toss pure electricity is not too late. As early as 1983, the EV10, EV20 was launched, launched in 1996, tried to Rav4 EV in the United States in 1996. Everyone is more familiar with bridges may be, the second-generation RAV4 EV launched in 2012, with Tesla’s technology, and indirect Hesla practice hands. Later, Toyota gave up pure electricity and two talented.

The reasons for giving up, express the official discourse, “” Environmentally friendly car is only popular to contribute to the society. “

Listening to a bit of great light.

If you have a spell, you will be that the market is actually acceptable.

At the beginning, the technology was given, and the cost was not reliable. Focus on mixing is this logic; now look at the pure electric market is ripe, and finally determines the admission, which is also the logic.

It looks very conservative? Conservative is right, this is authentic Toyota. When technique is applied to the market, Toyota is so conservative. Otherwise, how many years ago have been popular, 7-speed, 8 speed is being promoted, can you hold your own baby 4AT?

However, the technical application is conservative, technology research and development, but Toyota is not conservative.

At the time of electricization, when the world in the 1990s is studying the engine engine engine, there is gallbladder into the research and development of mixing and hydrogen fuel cells, how all the relationships are collapsed.

For example, the automatic driving of this auto show can not be the Tokyo Olympics because of the epidemic, you can see Toyota’s E-Palette automatic driving bus last year. There is also the mysterious road synergy and smart city, Toyota’s future small town under Mount Fuji, but has started construction.

Just, don’t count on these new heads, on a short period of time, on the product of Toyota. Exploration is very bold, the application is very cautious, this is Toyota’s consistent routine.

So, how to vomit BZ electric vehicle design is not cool enough, technology is not prospecting, but also first. After all, it’s hard to buy.

Even if the Toyota’s own electric cars can’t becomes, what is the things that are in Toyota enhanced electric vehicles?

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