Traditional car companies have been severely underestimated, and Disney is knocking again.

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Should Herbert Diess shortly after the Volkswagen Group CEO position, it is foreseen that large traditional car manufacturers will face the subversive threat, these threats are as scheduled, but the speed is faster. The way is more exaggerated.

“We can’t prove that we can stand in the new competitive environment, our valuation is still in the ‘Grace Car’,” Disrestened, “This leads to serious disadvantages in the need for resources.”

Disrespects said in an interview, in order to confront the new opponents with super financial resources, further cutting costs and quickly rectifying the German industrial giants.

He not always reflects how to try to keep up with Tesla, but also worried that Apple enters the automotive area, which means an increase in strong opponents with almost unlimited resources.

“Despite all kinds of efforts, our current situation is more difficult than I last for 2018.” Disrestened, “True some changes are the view of the capital market to our industry, and I don’t expect this. The extent. “

2018 Diz tells the investor that the public needs to target Apple, Amazon and Google, so that it can live for 20 years, and after about 2 and a half years, this gap has been pulled.

Elon Musk’s Tesla market value approached $ 700 billion, which became the highest market value of automobile manufacturers, more than six car manufacturers behind it.

This is not just a problem of exaggeration. In the week of December 2020, Tesla and China Electric Vehicle Manufacturers were aware of $ 9.7 billion by selling stocks through sale stocks. Tesla raised $ 5 billion equivalent to about half of the annual net cash flow in Volkswagen.

As of the end of November 2020, the Volkswagen Group sold 8.31 million cars, let Tesla have nearly 500,000 car delivery volumes in the year. However, Tesla finally realized a profit in five consecutive quarters after many years of loss, ignited investors’ enthusiasm for it, and wanted to copy Tesla’s success.

China Xiaopeng and Ideal Car are listed on the US Exchange in 2020, and there are several start-up companies with special purpose acquisition companies, including Nikolai and Fiske.

Some analysts reminded that this trend has been headed. In the past 12 months, the world’s traditional car manufacturing is about 1 trillion US dollars, and the value of the new competitors has soared all the way.

“The valuation and emotions of traditional cars are still too pessimistic.” ARNDT Ellinghorst), Berford C. Bernstein, said in a description, “We It is still believed that mature companies with global influence, brand assets and powerful balance sheets will play a leading role in future mobile travel. “

The analyst headed by Patrick Hummel will be the preferred, and predict that the power of electric car strategy will get a few times the price-earning ratio. “

The goal of the Mass Group is to become a force in the electric motor industry in the world. In the next five years, it will invest nearly 90 billion US dollars, which is the largest investment plan in the industry.

Volkswagen said in November 2020, the persistence of the epidemic will affect the profit of 2021, but still choose to adhere to the medium-term financial objectives, including the earliest to return the net cash flow to 10 billion euros (about 79.2 billion yuan) in 2022. . Realizing these goals can “face” those investors who still do not believe that Volkswage can become flexible.

The investment in the public and its peers in electric vehicles, software operations, mobile platforms, and automatic driving technology will be huge. If these companies try to raise funds by selling stocks, investors face a greater probability, which is more complicated in Volkswagen Group for their complex shareholders.

Although Porsche, Audi and its China’s profits have provided plenty of funds for Volkswagen Groups many years, the high-level fixed cost of the Volkswagen Group has exposed without the sales volume of the population.

“We must greatly improve the cost, and work hard to make the traditional car business more attention to the traditional car business more attention.” Disresed that he announced that the largest factory in Wolfsburg, Germany in December will be under construction near Berlin. Tesla Factory launched competition and tried to condense morale.

The public also launched a plan to reduce material costs by 7% in two years, and finally fixed the fixed cost by 5% in 2023 in the first quarter. Disdd 2020 due to the attention of the Group’s attention to the main car business, but he insisted that the company could not continue to waste time and could not afford it.

“The progress of rectification work is still too slow.” He said, “Not everyone is aware of our threats faced by our company.”

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