Traditional old car companies launched “attack” to the new car enterprise, who will laugh at the end?

The wind of new energy has now been blown around the world, and the speed and range of this stock exceeds many people’s imagination. In fact, don’t need to see abroad, you will see the impact of new energy on the automotive industry. After the new energy concept began to implement, there were some new potentials in the second place in the country. From the beginning, people did not recognize these car companies. Nowadays, they have occupied the half-side days of domestic new energy, and the new forces are not only. It is only your own strength, and there is a market for new energy.

As the main source of new energy, the electric vehicle is a product planning around electric energy, and the leading brand of electric vehicles is currently believed to be Tesla. Indeed, Tesla has made the electric car extreme, and whether Tesla is in front of other brands, whether in the electrical energy technology, or unmanned, Tesla is in front of other brands. This is why all the electric vehicles will be Tesla is a biggest competitor.

Although Tesla has made many negative news, sales can still explain everything, even if Tesla is constantly, but because of the influence of the brand, the status of the electric vehicle is not shake, Tesla Electric car sales have been high. Plus a series of operations such as price cuts, let Tesla have not come until the first few of the sales list.

Faced with a large Tesla in the new energy field, many traditional old cars can’t sit, there is a public. The public can say that it is the most representative traditional car company. The public is not only a large brand, but it is also a very hot brand worldwide. It is not necessary to say in China, “the public feelings” is even more Trough root in most consumers’ hearts. Why do the Volkswagen will “attack Tesla? We can learn from a piece of interview.

Today, the public CEO Herbert Dash is asked if he would cooperate with Tesla, and he immediately showed that the public would take his own path and exceed Tesla. The answer is obvious that the public is not only in the interview, but also in reality.

If you want everyone to see the electric car launched by the public, the ID series is two-year-old, let us see the determination of the public into the new energy, and see the power as the traditional car enterprise. And Tesla is constantly being innovative and makes some new technologies. In fact, who is going to lose who will win, there is no answer to us, but the car is a thing to do, who can make a good car for consumers, who can laugh at the end ,This is for sure.

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