Transnational car companies push new energy vehicles, the less new forces

As Meside announced the launch plan of the EQS new car, this seems to have a new energy car, which seems to have nothing to have in the past, but carefully think about it, if this is published and launched a new car Look, international companies are quietly completing the full-brand layout of new energy car products! It can even be said that many multinational car companies have passed the traditional energy models in the past two years, and it is likely that all members of new energy manufacturing will be implemented, which may be the most unfavorable new forces.

Because the existing new energy manufacturing technology is not complicated, and does not involve more intellectual property issues. Once the transformation layout of transnational cars is completed, it will form the same scale with existing traditional models. Add it, these big companies have been in a silent transformation environment, naturally there will be future advantages, once the large enterprises have successfully transformed, they will be more advantages in many aspects such as new cars, basic technology and branding. . In this way, it will not only have more appeal to the old users, but also a unique development of new users. This may be why, the new forces should not simply look at multinational car companies slow half a shoot, no new energy cars, no The main reason for the unlimited lifting of its own market value! More need to be started from product technology, from product quality and multi-service, to create something, this is perhaps the only way out.

Why do companies still have dominant in new manufacturing?

It can be said that in the automotive manufacturing level, large enterprises have always dominated the model of manufacturing, although the impact of new energy vehicles have been made in recent years, because the basic disk has not changed, the big company has started to transform to new energy vehicles Manufacturing is not only more stronger than the existing new energy automotive technology; and it can also form the characteristics of an overwhelming advantage with the accumulated car quality, which makes the mass ID series, Mercedes-Benz EQ series, can quickly get consumers The main reason for acceptance. If, Toyota, BMW, and large groups after the PSA and FCA merger will also transform in the same speed, then the future car manufacturing, will still be present in the big pattern of multinational enterprises.

Similarly, in the new forces, although some young people also feel the impact of the new forces, it is because the new forces are not deepened enough to make the car technology, and they also overweightly pay more attention to the form of automobile quality. This makes new forces companies new products, it is difficult to experience the test of increasingly harsh rational consumption! Moreover, due to the small brand of new forces, once a two models encountered development problems, it is likely that the entire enterprise should not be affected.

Why can’t the new forces can’t be superstitious?

If you only look at the car manufacturing from the market value, the new forces headed by Tesla is undoubtedly the most successful manufacture of modern cars. This not only let Tesla in just a few years, the market value is more than expected, and its market value has reached $ 6,6 billion, which is not only better than Toyota, which is more than a dozen universal and Ford’s market value, I am afraid, Tesla is also hard to imagine, why not move, the market value will reach such a high astronomical figure!

For domestic new forces enterprises, in the case of the market value, many new forces car companies have also exceed the market value of BMW, French cars, etc., this suddenly arrived, and perhaps the parting business Don’t win, but from the actual manufacturing, Tesla is unable to exchange a general or a Ford, and it is more impossible to fight against the masses and Toyota and other large enterprises in manufacturing and technology! Therefore, only the virtual market value is solving the problem of practical technology development and breakthrough. To this end, in the face of the changes in the market value, the new forces enterprises only have the risk position of their own risk, and will change their own manufacturing from the actual situation, so that it can better meet the law of new manufacturing development. If, only the market value, I think that I’m telling, as long as I see the uncertainty of stocks, I can imagine, the new manufacturing brand itself, what is weak!

In this regard, new forces companies are not a chance, but because many problems in new energy automotive technology may, they may introduce new forces enterprises to experimental manufacturing, it can be seen that the risks of new forces manufacturing I want to know. Therefore, this more requires new forces enterprises to stare at the market’s changes, and use the opportunity to develop brands and technologies from high market capitalization. Only in this way they are not affected by social and competition … .

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