TV brand “reform” sell cars, Skyworth T5 listing, 152,800

Nowadays, the cross-border is gradually become a stylish, millet, and constant increased in the car ranks. Skyworth has also begun to make a car, and a car named Skyworth ET5 has been listed, priced at 15.28 million – 198,800. In many people’s impression, Skyworth is a brand brand, then how is the effectiveness of the invoogan? Let us look at the ET5 car!

In terms of appearance, the design language of Skyworth ET5 is very concise, and the front face feels right, and the headlights are connected together with the through-type chrome. Honeycomb chrome looks very textured. It looks like a fuel truck, and it is very similar to the popularity of the public, belongs to the mid-aragmentation, but it is indispensable.

The new car side curve is very tough, the sports style is obvious, I believe this model is very popular. In terms of the body size, the long-width height of the car is: 4698/1908 / 1696mm, the wheelbase is 2800mm. The interior space is very spacious. Car logo design is very interesting. Trident like a simple version, very recognized.

The tail design echoes the front face. It uses the through light band, as well as a sign with Skyworth Slagan, very charm.

In terms of interior, Skyworth ET5 steering wheel adopts a three design. Sensual feelings. The large multimedia screen, the card does not lose our joint venture. The knob gear, the wooden central console, the texture is absolutely nothing. In summary, there is a configuration, it has.

In terms of power, Skyworth ET5 is equipped with an electric motor having a maximum power of 150 kW, which can generate a maximum torque of 320n.m, and accelerate 9.6 s. In terms of endurance, according to the version, it is divided into 410km and 520km. Do you think that Skyworth ET5 can lead to a successful cross-border?

The author believes that Skyworth is a cross-border brand, and pricing may be too high. Nowadays, the electric vehicle market is in the fittest. If only the attitude of playing tickets is to be a car, it must not work. Because there is no successful work as a back book, Skyworth ET5 may be difficult to sell.

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