Volkswagen new Matri plug-in road test spy photos exposure, new car or will be officially released in the first half of the year

Recently, overseas media exposed a group of roads spy books for a group of popular Matri plug-in models, which also included some interior information. It can be seen that this new car will take a luxury technology route. It is reported that this new car will be built with the MQB platform, and launched a shaft version and a long axial model, which is about 410,000 yuan overseas.

Since the sales market in China, MPV has some difficult to pick up. The earliest car is the Lord, with more and more people, in order to more conveniently facilitate the big space required for family trucks, the SUV market for the main comfort house begins with great heat. MPV is actually more suitable as a household car compared to SUV, whether it is for business travel or more members, MPV’s large space can be satisfied, while comfort is not compared to SUV. In combination with the current sales of the MPV market, it is not difficult to see, the MPV market is still not developing than the SUV market than the already saturated car market and the SUV market. This public will not be difficult to introduce Mitwan to introduce the type of model. It is not difficult to see for the future to preempt the new energy MPV market.

Say it back to the protagonist, the new Matri plug-in version. From the new car spy photos exposed from overseas, it can be seen that the new car further increases the triangle window behind the A-column, reduces the field of view, and has a greater improvement in security. At the same time, it can be seen as a plug-in mixing model at the wing plate on the right side of the car head, and the new car is also equipped with a special charging cover. In terms of appearance, the new Matri plug-in version continues the official design concept, and the front headlights on both sides use a smart large-eyed design, embedded LED light source, connected by silver chrome trim. The bottom grid is used in the bottom of the hollow design, so that the identity is more obvious.

From the side of the body, the new car’s wheel arch and hubs are large, and it is also convenient to have better off-road capabilities in response to complex pavements. The end of the car looks more distinctive, the split rectangular taillight design makes this car more eloquent. Some mono-exhaust ports have some retro feelings.

It can be seen in the exposed internal spy photos that the steering wheel of the new car uses a new design. In addition, the dashboard and the medium control screen use parallel design, and the technology in the vehicle has risen. As for further details, it is necessary to wait for new cars to be officially released before they can be announced.

In terms of power, the public has not yet announced the specific information of this new car. According to overseas media speculations, new cars or combinations of 1.4T turbocharged engine plus electric motors, which is also in line with the moment of the plug-in model that the public launched.

In the current domestic MPV market, Buick GL8, Toyota Elfa, Wuling Kaijie has a good reputation in the market, and this listing of the new Matri plug-in version can stand out and need to wait for the sales Performance can be determined.

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