Volvo brand new pure electric SUV model C40 rendering diagram exposure appearance

Volvo is a world-renowned car brand, which is very built in car safety, and has the title of “highway tank”. Although the security is high, it does not affect the handsome style of Volvo. With the transformation of automotive energy, electric vehicles become the new direction of Volvo. Recently, Volvo C40 rendering diagram exposure, the car is positioned with pure electric SUV, the value is very high, the car will be the fastest and us in the fall, let us take the first C40’s appearance!

Its front face shape can be divided into two parts of the upper and lower parts, mainly the line sensation difference between the two blocks is particularly obvious. The upper half of the line is a soft and some, closed intake grid. A relatively rounded long octagonal shape, the interior is inlaid with Walvo’s new logo, the headlights on both sides form a contrast, the shape is relatively simple, the design is relatively large, the five-sided shape, shape Still very sharp. The lower part of the line is very strong, and the entire line is not a very soft line, you can say that every line can be scratched, a sharp struts are divided from the grill headlights. “Chu River Han Dynasty”, one soft one is tough, the shape of the lower partial fog light is straight to a sharp triangle surrounded, plus the entire bottom of the bottom is also a distinctive rectangle, and the upper and lower partial contrast is still very small. interesting.

The side of the side is relatively composed of the upper part of the upper part of the front face, and the overall is biased, and the sub-back design also makes the side of the entire car look smoother, large size hub shape is also increased to the side A lot of strength. The black under the bottom is also surrounded by the visual effect, which has increased the height of the body, which is more powerful.

The shape of the tail is relatively monitored, but the large black black makes the entire car, the taillights are still a landmark, and the whole line is very small than before. Let the entire rounded tail shape will not be too cumbersome.

In terms of power, Volvo C40 pure electric SUV is expected to carry a dual motor four-wheel drive system to provide more driving fun for the driver, everyone is looking forward to?

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