Volvo hard steel Tesla, XC40 pure version price adjustment, price of 299,000 yuan

In addition to the opportunities of the automotive market, there are also a chance to reopen the market in the second-line luxury brand in addition to the opportunities of some new brands. As yesterday, the Volvo Group issued a strategic goal of the company’s global sustainable development, in which electrification transformation became a major focus of the group. According to the Strategic Plan given by Volvo, they planned to become a large-scale pure electric luxury brand in 2023. As the first shot of the electrified strategy, Volvo announced that it will be today on March 3, and the new pure tram type XC40 is maintained. The price of 299,000 yuan is more than 357,000 yuan prices before it is more cheap. less.

Since Jilly acquire Volvo, the technology of two cars has formed a good cooperative relationship. The CMA platform jointly developed is also one of Geely Volvo today. As the model under the CMA platform, the XC40 is almost in the vehicle shape, it seems that it seems to see from the side. This is a new energy car. However, the design of the car closed grille lost Volvo’s waterfall vertical network, and the small computation personally still regrets.

The tail section, the model of the car continues the consistent family-style design, and the upper narrow width line also makes this vehicle look more secure. At the same time, the Weijing ax taillights behind the vehicle are Volvo consistently iconic design. At the same time, the black roof of the vehicle also makes this car look more young and higher.

Follow Volvo’s friends must know that there has been no broken for the debate of Volvo type interiors. Many people think that Volvo interior is more simple, there is no detail that there is no luxury car. But some people think that this simple beauty is the goal of Volvo designers who want to achieve, although there is no other model, it is better than watching. Not only that, but the environmental protection concepts that Volvo have been pursuing is also reflected in the interior of the vehicle, and the environmental protection materials inside the cabin make this car more healthy and harmless.

In terms of power, the car uses a two-motor layout design, a motor maximum power of 300 kW, a maximum torque 600 Nm, so data is difficult to see in many luxury brand models. The officially given the 100-kilometer acceleration time is 4.9 seconds, and the 50-kilometer acceleration of the same level of Model Y four-driver battery is more excellent.

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