Volvo XC40 new energy breaks hundreds of more than 4.9 seconds, elegant and exercise perfect combination

As a luxury brand from Nordic, Volvo has always been impressed by people to be safe and reliable, and everything is full of classical and elegant and well-established feelings from Nordic. In the previous forum, the official spokesperson of Volvo pointed out that in response to the global car electric wave, Volvo decided to gradually reduce the proportion of fuel vehicles, and will become a pure electric car brand after several years. And today we have to introduce this car is Volvo’s XC40 new energy version.

The first is the appearance, the new energy version of Volvo XC40 inherits the appearance characteristics of the fuel version, and the closure grill design in the gracefulness of the grace has highlighted its new energy car. The human label belt with a seat belt, and the exquisite car logo is exceptionally conspicuous on the closed grille decorative board. The hammer headlights on both sides of the front side are also Volvo’s classic design elements, and XC40 has naturally been saved.

It is worth mentioning that the hammer headlights of Raytheon not only exquisitely beautiful and beautiful, but the whole standard LED light is equipped with adaptive far-bearing switch, automatic headlight, LED front fog light, and high-end function such as delay closure.

The side part of the body, the design of the car followed Volvo’s consistently simple style. But in the concise design, some designers are also inserted, and the rise in the latter design in the back door improved the overall of the body of the body, which is more loved by young people. And the end of the car, the cyclone dart light is also a classic design that continues Volvo, and the recognition is very high after lightning. Although it is a new energy car, in order to increase the motion of its body, the manufacturer also designs a fake vent hole, which is embellished.

Interior has always been a part of Volvo, and some people think that Volvo’s interior is too simple, and it can even be said that it is completely un designed. On the other hand, some people think that Volvo’s interior design is simple and generous. The overall texture is more money, and the details of all aspects are far superior. This XC40 new energy version also uses Volvo consistent design language. The vertical large screen is complemented by the match between the center console, and it will not feel abrupt. Moreover, manufacturers also equipped with many local software systems, such as the Software, Gao Defei speech control system, Gao De map, Tmall Elf, etc., more convenient for consumers’ daily life.

In terms of power, the car uses the two-motor design, the integrated power can reach 408 horsepower, the maximum torque 660 Nm. Such a score is quite excellent, and the speed of 100 kilometers is only 4.9 seconds, which is quite rare in such a large SUV. The car is equipped with a battery pack of 71 kWh, and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that the pure battery life can reach 420 kilometers.

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