Wanta Phev is expected to be listed in May, the appearance is exquisite, and the pre-sale price is 238,800

In the Shanghai Auto Show in April, I believe that many netizens have seen Toyota’s upcoming new Wirish Phev model, which compares the current fuel car although the change is not very large, but in some details, it has been optimized. Significant atmosphere, and this is also Wanta to carry a PHEV plug-in hybrid system, you can hang a green card, which is clearly a good news for many Chinese Willanda owners.

It has always been obsessed with the mixed SEC system, which is not very interested in PHEV and pure electricity, and makes a lot of Wanta’s old cars in the end of the new car will launch new energy models. . This Willanda PHEV can see that the appearance continues the dual-engine version of the big mouthful of openwork, the left and right mist lamps use the annular semi-closed design, you can see the contrast fuel version of Wanta, fog light Modification is changed to vertical design, more young. The front headlights have chosen the double-dupid shape, and there is two upper and lower partial long grills from two up and down.

From the side of the body, the PHEV version of Wanda’s wheel has chosen the piano paint surface material decoration, a more high-end breath, the openwork hub of the five petal shape makes this model still full of sports. The black car top with red body also makes this car more fashionable.

From the end of the car, the new car uses a split taillight design. The rough taillights bring a strong identification, and the rear window is also equipped with a single wiper, so that this SUV is more off-country style. The bottom guard is used, and the bilateral single exhaust port looks more hidden. The double-proof model highlights strong power protection, hidden design and gives people an energy-saving environmental protection. In addition, the tail also has a sign of Plug-in Hybrid, emphasizing the identity of a new car.

In the interior design, the new car continues the design of the cash fuel truck, three multi-function steering wheel and traditional files look in the design, the oversized full liquid crystal dashboard and the suspended central control screen make the technology in the car. The improvement. The air-conditioned outlet has chosen a routine design, and overall looks some sense.

In terms of power, the Wanta Phev model is equipped with a 2.5L Atkinson circulating engine and a dual motor composition of the plug-in hybrid system, the maximum power is up to 225kW, matching the E-CVT transmission, and provides E- Four four-wheel drive system, 100 kilometers acceleration only 6.6 seconds, 100 kilometers declared fuel consumption only 1.1L. In addition, the pure battery life of the new car can reach 63km, and the new car does not support the fast charge system. It takes 2.5 hours with a battery.

At present, the pre-sale price of the Wanta Phev is 2.388 million, and the new car will be officially launched in May.

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