Weekend meals for Tesla Fans: 7 models of Model Y, China special car

In recent days, Beijing is cold, Tianjin is cold … It seems that the whole country is cold. In this cold wave, Tesla uses their unique way, bringing a silk warmer to the brand’s attention. There are too many good news recently, and we will say a one-time RRR.

1, Mask promotes the world’s richest

On January 7th, this special day, Mask became the world’s rich. As for this day, there are more special, please see >> January 7th, Tesla’s lucky day, Mask became the world’s richest

2, Tesla became the fifth largest listed company

On January 8, Tesla City exceeded Facebook, became the 5th listed company that was second only to Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Googlea Alphabet. Some netizens commented that technology companies surpass the network company and is the advancement of society.

3, the United States to sell standard life-fire version model y

Tesla launched standard battery life Model Y in the United States, only $ 41990. EPA is 244 miles, with a maximum speed of 135 mi / h, 0-60 miles / hour acceleration 5.3 seconds. If there is a standard battery life, that is, it is properly located. It may even drop to 280,000, @ CosThe maximum might be 279900 yuan.

However, domestic Model Y just listed, the order has been ranked in the second quarter. Therefore, in the first half of 2021, we should have a standard endless version of domestic model y, and there is a play before the end of the year. If you are not urgent, it is not the only car in the home, that is, you can wait.

4, the United States to sell 7 version of Model Y

Add a cost of $ 3,000 without affecting delivery time. It is expected that China will be available soon, and the price should be between 18,000 to 24,000 yuan.

5, as long as the 160,000 yuan Tesla car is about to complete the product verification

This is a special version of China, the original design of Tesla China team. It is said that in March, the product is required to be verified, the fastest listing in 2022. The cost may be between 150,000 yuan to 200,000 yuan, @ Cos 一 158800 yuan!

6, Tesla China official website for sale Sexy shorts

420 yuan, limited supply, not completed. Friends you like can hurry!

7, Tesla China Charging Team 2020 transcript

On January 8, Tesla China Charging Team shared a group of data:

In 2020, 410 new online super charging stations, including 146 in December. China V3 superchart has reached 180.

2020 new destination charging stations 720 seats.

At present, Tesla’s self-recunitioning network has covered 290 cities.

Today is January 9, 2021, but they started at 18:30, not waiting. If there is @ Cos, then share it tomorrow.

happy weekend!

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