Weima W6 is officially listed, priced at 160,000, specific environment supports L4 unmanned driving

In 1885, Carburn has developed the world’s first car, and the automobile gradually produced, popularized in 1900, and China’s automotive industrial development time is relatively late. In 1978, my country’s cars production “almost blank”, Later, “old three” Santana, Jetta, Fukang is just a “luxury” that ordinary consumers are difficult to enter, and now, with the improvement of living standards and the number of car thresholds, buy cars for most families is not Difficulties.

At the same time, the automotive industry has also entered the “unmanned” new track, which has both traditional car companies, and the new power of the car. At present, there is a small number of production models with high-order automatic driving, but the price is generally Higher, even need to purchase this function separately. However, Weima W6 has created a chance to embrace black technology, and can feel the L4 unmanned driving function in a particular environment, and the price is very sincere.

On April 16, “Imagine Day Weimai Day” brand conference was held in Shanghai, at the meeting, the new model Weima W6 was officially listed, and the new car launched 5 models, the price range was 16.98-2.598 million yuan, while the first When purchasing cars, users can enjoy “limited time to upgrade”, as of 24:00 on April 18, users who purchase Weimar W6 NEX exploration models can upgrade the car to the Miha W6 Pro allome version of the model, ” The price of the Economy Class enjoys the comfort experience of “first class”, further improving the vehicle cost performance.

The cost performance is high, or it needs to be supported by excellent product, and Weima W6 does not understand. The biggest highlight of the new car is “High IQ”, the official describes it has “most practical unmanned driving”, “best playing scene programming”, “the most spiritual sensation”.

In the “most practical unmanned driving”, Weima W6 is equipped with an AVP unmanned parking system, and the industry took the lead in achieving L4-level unmanned driving. The system supported HAVP independent learning parking, users in residential, company, etc. Fixed parking space scene When parking, vehicles can be used to find diamonds at once, and they can be paid and find cars only through Weima Zhi.

It is suitable for non-fixed parking spaces such as large shopping malls, office buildings, and Weima W6 also has a self-improved, and the PAVP high-precision map car can automatically plan parking routes, even if multiple garages, vehicles can also achieve all People are self-committing parking, picking up, practical, very friendly for novice drivers, female drivers.

In addition to drone techniques that can be used in a specific environment, Weima W6 also provides a patch bar change (ALC), traffic congestion guidance (TJP), automatic navigation auxiliary driving (NLP), front running warning (FCTA), More than 20 intelligent driving assistance features, such as the rear throughout the warning (RCTA), not only the function is rich, but also suitable for China intersection, reliability is naturally higher.

The reason why you can reach high-level automatic driving, first because Weimar W6 takes the first to high-pass SA8155 chip, power and image processing capacity, respectively increase 8.5 times, secondly, in terms of sensors, new cars are equipped with 5 77GHz Millimeter wave radar, 2 HD front elevated cameras, 4 HD comic camera, 12 ultrasound radar, from the number, even more than Tesla FSD, in the cooperation of the two, “High” high IQ. “

Entering Weima W6 car, more attractive is more attractive than luxury texture, including 12.3-inch floating central control screen, 12.3-inch full liquid crystal digital dashboard, 8-inch i-Touch car control screen consisting of three large Screen, they respectively appoint the information of the vehicle, the information control platform, and the environmental control platform in the vehicle.

The scientific and technological sense is not just visual feelings. It is also a practical experience. Weima W6 built-in brand new Living Mate can achieve 3.7 second speed boot start, only more than 120 common function voice control, feelings “The most spiritual sensitive voice interaction”.

In addition, Weima W6 is still the first production model based on the “User-Defined Auto” concept. Users can experience the official preset “Drops”, “Parent Space”, “Smart Energy Saving”, “Performance.” Mode “,” high-speed and peaceful “five scene modes, can also be programmed by the APP, and arbitrarily sorted a combination of over 200 functions, and produced as a” scenario card “according to their own preferences, this function is Wei The “best playing scene programming” in Ma official promotion.

It can be seen that WeM W6 has “True Skill” in “intelligent”, of course, as the car product itself, it also has a good strength. For example, 4620/1847 / 1730mm body size and 2715mm long-axis distance, in a medium-sized SUV, with a leading level, with excellent space design, can bring a comfortable driving experience for each occupant. In terms of power, Weima W6 is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can reach 95%, maximum power 160kW, maximum torque 225N · m. In terms of endurance, Weima W6 is equipped with high energy than battery packs created by a series high-efficiency cell module, not only 520km / 620km long-range, but also through 66 high standards of high-standard high standards, waterproof and dustproof The most advanced IP68 level, safety is reliable.

Nowadays, the competition in China has entered the white heat, traditional car enterprises, and the new forces of the car are plus electricity, intelligent, to talk to what is easy, and Weima said young, but there is “true facts”, and always steady, before Weida also brought a good car product, but also showed the future strategic layout. Two new cars are ready to go. In short, Weima is gradually accumulating more successful chips. .

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