What is the increase in the future? The answer may be different from you.

With the development of new energy vehicles, especially the advancement of electric energy, electric vehicles are also the choice of most car companies in the new energy sector. However, although the electric car market is good, no matter whether the car is still a customer, it is optimistic about the electric car market, but there is still a problem to solve, that is, the endurance is anxious. For life-fire problems, vehicles and consumers have anxiety.

In order to solve the market for anxiety issues arising from electric vehicle life, the car company has to make corresponding measures, and increases the contingency has become one of the way. For example, the latest ET7 is equipped with such a large-capacity battery pack, the maximum battery life exceeds 1000km, not to the latest technology battery developed by the Guangzhou Automobile Group, and the battery life can also exceed 1000km, such a working condition is more than the fuel car. During the battery, it seems to solve the endurance anxiety, but in fact, the problem is not resolved. Moreover, increasing life is not the future of electric vehicles.

Why do you say this way? First of all, we must figure out what is the cause of anxiety. Most people will have endurance anxiety, mainly because it is not easy to charge. At present, my country’s charging pile is not universal, and even a parking space with a charging pile is full of fuel gains. There were less charging piles, coupled with irregular parking management, so that electric owners want to find a place to charge, they have become a problem.

Not only that, from another perspective, super high battery is not significant for the owner. Car as a daily poke tool, most people will only be used in the city, even if they travel around the city, they have few more than 300km from the departure to the destination, more than 500km less. Here is a single travel here. And the driver will take a break after a few hundred kilometers, so that it is charged or cheering.

At present, domestic electric vehicle companies do not leave residues, give people a good illusion. In fact, it is a matter of urgent to improve the supply of new energy, fundamentally solve the problem of endurance anxiety. Just like the phone’s power is general, some people say that Apple mobile phone is not durable, but it can guarantee that one day, it will not have a so-called anxiety. How do you think about the problem of battery life?

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