What should I do at Tesla at this moment?

Recently, I have been a very Tesla car accident. I died of 2 people in Texas, Guangdong Province, and Guangdong Province died. Although Henan Anyang did not die, but the incident was very big … Today, @Lucy has been thinking One problem, that is, “What should I do at Tesla at this moment?”

When the movie “Wandering Earth” is hot, there are a few words. I feel that we should review it at this moment: “Beijing Third District Communications Commission reminds you that the road is 10 million, safety first. Drive Do not standardize, loved ones. “” Against the recent huge Tesla car accidents, many are related to driving irregularities. Therefore, @Lucy

1. Delivery for driving technology training, test is delivered

Recent accidents, some people blame the autopilot auxiliary driving system, some people blame the carway to maintain the control, some people blame the single pedal mode design … White, it is unfamiliar with Tesla driving, Even if the old driver of more than a dozen years of driving, it is also necessary to learn from the beginning. Tesla is a brand new thing, there are many places that don’t equate to have a familiar car. Therefore, the work of familiarity with the vehicle is fully delivered, and it is a bit too unreliable. Training, practical examination, potential.

2. Delivery before payment, test is delivered

Whether it is the right to Guangzhou, or the driver of Texas leaves the driving position, which belongs to the violation. In addition, there are still many accidents that are speed-driven driving, fatigue driving, therefore, revisiting the regulations can reduce accidents.

3, Lecteit the old car ownership service center to receive training and learning

Regardless of the way, let the old owners as much as possible to the service center to receive training and exams, which is an important part of solving the current problem.

@Lucy, if you standardize your driving, traffic accidents can be greatly reduced. Do you think it is like this?

A few days ago, Tesla was released in the first quarter of 2021, and I can see that the AP enabled vehicle an average of 419 million miles, no AP but has an average of 205 million miles with an average of the active safety function. At the accident, no AP did not actively safely function of 978,000 miles, and the latest average of 484,000 miles was an accident.

From the report data, the accident rate of Tesla is still much lower than other cars.

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