Where is the new model of new models, the price is 122,800

Say that, I believe that most of the 90s are very familiar, but when it is mentioned, there may be many people will express unfamiliar. In fact, the car is affiliated to Hezhong’s new energy. It has been established in 2014, which is an earlier new energy brand in the industry. Today, this 吒 u PRO has also opened pre-sale on March 21 this year, and the release of this new model will apparently enrich the product matrix.

From the appearance, the new car uses a closed Qianlina design, highlighting its pure electric model, the front headlights use a whale tail shape, and after lit, it is like the elves in the ocean, and the two light groups are also adopted. The lamp belt runs through the whole face, so that the new car is more electrified. The grid design is used at the bottom, which looks more complete and exquisite.

From the side of the body, there is a charging jack on the front wheel of the new car, highlighting its original vehicle, the lower waistline extends from the taillight line to the front door handle, and it seems quite a breath. Double five-fashioned alloy wheels use a blade shape, with a suspended roof, a young and fashionable feeling.

From the end of the car, the new car uses a flying taillight design, which is a reddish gun that is cool, so that the new car is more identified. The rear window is equipped with a single wiper, so that the off-road atmosphere of the new car is more strong, and the new car is also canceled in the pure electric model.

In the design, as a pure electric vehicle type, technology and intelligent settings are also quite excellent, the double-fly multi-function steering wheel mount knob type shifting mechanism makes driving more fun. The full liquid crystal dashboard and the suspended medium control screen use a one-piece Double-screen design that makes the scientific atmosphere in the car. In addition, the new cars are very simple, and a virtual touch panel is placed above the knob, it is used to control the air conditioning temperature and more technological intelligent design.

In the dynamic performance, the new car is divided into 400km, 500km, and 610km three endurance models. Among them, 400km and 500km models use a front-axis motor drive, the maximum power can reach 120kW, peak torque 210n · m, and the battery of the battery is equipped with a maximum power of 150 kW, a peak torque 310n · m, a front axle drive motor. At the fast charge time, the latter is consistent with the time required for the first two models.

The new model launched this time is mainly for official cars. It has been adjusted in the car policy. Unlike personal purchase of car for lifelong security benefits, the official car is limited to the bus kilometer and the limit is limited. . But the overall view, this new car has a good performance regardless of the dynamic life or interior configuration, and I believe that more consumers approved.

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