Who is a bang in the car? How many cattle in China, Norway, Tesla, Toyota?

On November 30, 2020, MoneyShake released a set of fun numbers in the automotive industry, and interprected the underlying complex car rivers and lakes from a new perspective. How many cattle in China? Why do electric vehicles fight Norwegian market? How much is Tesla leading to other brands? Why is Toyota Auto Market? I believe that you can find the answer after reading this data.

One, 1 minute 48.9! China’s car speed world first

According to the report, China is the fastest in the world, and it is also a country in which the world has the largest country. China’s 1 minute, 48.9 vehicles, more than twice as much as 20.7 vehicles in the United States.

Second, Norway is the country in which the world’s per capita electric car is guaranteed, and more than 21 times more than China.

Some people will often ask, “Wan Island” Norway is small, more islands, winter and cold countries, who attach great importance to the electric car companies? Buying electric vehicles in Norway, exchanging charge, highway fees, parking fees, and various tax reductions, we only look at its per capita insurance, you should know the answer. In Norway, an average of 10,000 people correspond to 148 electric cars. And China, only 7 vehicles. Norwegian electric vehicles have more per capita ratios than China’s 21 times.

Top 10 data:

1, Norway, 148 vehicles

2, Sweden, 41

3, Netherlands, 40 vehicles

4, Canada, 15 vehicles

5, Germany, 13

6, UK, 11 vehicles

7, US, 10 vehicles

8, France, 9 vehicles

9, China, 7 vehicles

10, South Korea, 5 vehicles

From this point of protection, Norway can be said to be the country that is the most electric car is the wind direction of the world electric car. Therefore, doing electric cars, Norway is a battle. Does anyone remember? Xiaopeng’s first stop is Norway.

Third, how fast is Tesla guest? 1 hour 42 vehicles (2019 data)

Special explanation, this is based on the 2019 electric vehicle sales data. Tesla 1 hour sells 42, BYD sells 26 vehicles … These data have changed greatly in 2020, but Tesla’s boss is still firm.

Fourth, 1 minute, 19.9, Toyota is the boss in the car company

This is the company before the speed of the car, Toyota has a 1 minute of 19.9 vehicles, 19.8 Volkswagen, 4.8 Dai Dai.

5. Daimler does not have much to make a lot, but the revenue can be a lot.

According to the report, Diamler can kill the top three according to the amount of income per minute.

1, Toyota, USD 533676

2, Volkswagen, $ 523592

3, Daimler, $ 359970

4, Ford, $ 285198

5, Honda, USD 270928

6, general, $ 2,61035

Six, finally, say a hateful company: Jaguar Land Tiger

The reason why car electricization is developed so fast, it is entirely because of the urgent needs of carbon dioxide, and the vehicle produced by Jaguar is the highest.

1, Jaguar Land Tiger, 174.2g / km

2, Daimler, 133.6 g / km

3, Volkswagen, 131g / km

4, Kia, 127.5 g / km

5, Mitsubishi, 125 grams / km


Tesla, zero emissions.

Today, there is media report that Tesla China will soon launch Model 2, the price may be as low as 160,000 yuan, expected to complete product verification in March. Looking forward to it, after 160,000 Tesla opened, I don’t know what other brands still have a living road, wait and see!

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