Who said Tesla only price cut? Tesla Model Y rose 8,000 yuan

Tesla is a famous electric brand, Tesla’s car has a high intelligence, but Tesla’s prices make people discuss all. The most controversial is Tesla picking up two-year-old price cut, so that many old owners are dissatisfied, just mentioned the car. However, Tesla is not only price cut, and recently Tesla raised the price of the product, and Model Y rose 8,000 yuan. This time, the owner who bought a car before the price increase can say it. Today, I will talk to you Tesra Model Y.

How do I still take a look at the performance of it. At the beginning, we still look at the overall shape of its appearance. The first is its front face model design, front face is still a frog face shape, the overall hood has made a decline design, and the headlights on both sides are very sharp styles, compared to the hood and do a little convex. Designed, this is also the design of the Tesla family comparison. The closed grille has made a tunda designed to a duck mouth in the part of the network, so the shape of the overall face is nothing, but it is still more stereoscopic.

The side line is still as smooth as it is smooth, and the slope design has also increased the smoothness of the body, but its overall from the head to the end of the car, the tail is highly high, the tail is obviously high, this design, how to say, The design of the hatchback is still a little bit a little bit of the whole sense of sensory. It seems that the length of the body is not very atmospheric, there is no kind of luxury temperament it created, but the sense of exercise is still very good. The design of the tail is relatively used to shape the lines of layers, but the overall feeling is very round.

The interior gave me a feeling of a conference room, very stable and simple atmosphere. The overall coloring is a large-scale color plus a little brightening of a wooden texture panel on the central gateway, and the internal overall shape is also very simple rectangular plane design, the central control desk has an oversized screen. There is no other thing outside, just like a clean and tidy, ready to meet, everything, only the boss landed.

In terms of power, Tesla Model Y has two versions of you to choose from 317kW and 339KW electric motors, and the battery life is also divided into 594km and 480km. In terms of selling price, Tesla Model Y is currently priced at 347,900 to 377,900, is this price everyone feel expensive?

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