Why do I think of the new energy, I think the electric vehicle, the hydrogen energy car is not fragrant?

Nowadays, the new energy car market is very good, even if the fuel owner, there are many new energy vehicles because new energy is constantly “brainwashing”. When we discussed the new energy car, I believe that most people prefer to think that electric vehicles. Indeed, electric vehicles are currently the most “pure” new energy cars, because electric vehicles do not need gasoline at all, unlike a mixed model, it is largely rely on fuel. So problem, is there only electric models in new energy? Is the hydrogen energy model not fragrant?

Many people may not understand the hydrogen energy car or have not heard of hydrogen energy. Today, the author first popularizes the basic knowledge of hydrogen energy.

As the name suggests, hydrogen energy is used as a major fuel to power the car. Hydrogen energy batteries rely on hydrogen and oxygen, generate electrical energy. Compared with traditional electric vehicles, it does not require charging piles, and humming hydrogen is needed to penetrate the hydrogenation station. The hydrogenation speed is also very rapid, and the emissions are also environmentally friendly, and the emissions are water. Seeing that everyone will think that the hydrogen energy car is much more environmentally friendly than electric vehicles, and there is also a convenient in the fuel truck. So why do today’s car companies still only do electric new energy?

In fact, it is not a car company to do a hydrogen energy car. For example, Toyota has a hydrogen energy model Mirai, and the model is still excellent, but the price of this car is not cheap. This RMB is about 500,000, so its sales are also very bleak. So the perspective of investment or standing at the “business” perspective, the electric vehicle is the most preferred.

Not only that, but the hydrogen energy cost is not the most serious problem, the cost is higher is the construction of support. A hydrogen station has a million input. Whose cost is higher than the charging pile of tens of thousands of charging piles.

Finally, that is, the most important issue, that is, the hydrogen fuel has instability, once an explosion occurs in the transport, it is better than the power of the gasoline explosion. Therefore, technically immature and invested and rewards are not proportional to the development of hydrogen energy vehicles.

Looking for a long time, the electric vehicle may only be the first step in fuel to new energy transformation. With the continuous maturity of technology, hydrogen energy may become the mainstream of the future, let us look forward to it!

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