Why don’t you touch your mind?

A few days ago, the auto industrial energy saving and green development evaluation center, held by Zhongqi Data Co., Ltd., held in Tianjin. At the same time, the “2020 car air quality benchmark model” award ceremony, Geely New Frani, Dongfeng Nissan Tianzhu and Changan Yifeng Plus three models were awarded this honor. This makes people feel gratified to these conscience, and it seems to have a little bit of mind.

According to reason, as the air quality in the car, give consumers a good consumption environment, it should be the branch of the car enterprise! But because there is an odor in the car in the car, it has promoted the attention of the automobile indoor air. And this indoor air prize, it also explained the car indoor air, and now still can’t satisfy consumers. In this way, people can’t help but ask, why have been made for many years, and even, the automotive transition period has also been spent in several years, how to have the most basic air quality issues in the car have not solved it. Even relying on the award to promote the manufacture of consumers to consumers, this is indeed a bit of bitter feelings in excitement of consumers.

Everyone knows that manufacturing a car is like a decoration house, not only has a beautiful appearance, but also more comfortable indoor space, which enables consumers to feel the most basic security. For the renovation room, there have been formaldehyde pollution in the past, and even some users pay serious illness and even life, after the market, after the market, there is a gradual improvement in raw materials, despite this, users still need to decorate the room In the future, it is necessary to open a long stage of ventilation to officially settle it. For the car, almost no one has bought a new car to put a stage of the taste, and a little more consumers, maybe aware of the opening of the window to take a long slit, so that air is actively adjusted. What most people can’t understand that most people are deeply confident in the quality of indoor air, which has caused many air pollution to form a slimming damage to consumers! Therefore, there have been many litigation lawsuits filed by the air problems in the car, and it is natural.

Now, the relevant agency’s internal air awards have indeed reflected the industry’s consciousness that has begun to pay attention to indoor air, which is undoubtedly a big gospel for the company’s supervision. It should be said that as pollution in the automotive interior, it is also necessary to establish a higher industry standard and consumption standard, which is more realistic than simple awards. Because some kinds of car companies are willing to have a good idea, which is easy to make new cars in the case of decline, with unqualified materials to cope with consumers. Similarly, due to the two standards of the company, the new cars that have been made does not consider the feelings of consumers, this is like some kind of fruitful vegetables, they don’t eat their own dishes! Therefore, if you want to eliminate the existence and occurrence of interior air problems, you need to establish a related legislation to ensure consumers’ safety, even for intentional manufacture of indoor odor, you can punish in a way to punish, so It will eventually come to those acts that “don’t want to live for the money”!

Similarly, if you want to give consumers a good car space, you need to start from the source to solve the quality of air in the car, such as the selection, processing, parts installation, etc., all aspects The attitude of consumers is responsible. At this time, there must be both manufacturing standards that are implemented, and there must be high transparency consumption standards, but also to establish corresponding supervision mechanisms, so that consumers can buy new cars to be psychologically practical.

Objectively speaking, automotive development and progress, must not simply fall in concept and form. Consumers may not understand the more and more precipitation of technology, but they can see quality changes. Therefore, if companies can’t be solid from the quality of the brand in this regard, companies are likely to make the company to catch up with new technology, and the ideal of chasing the value is a verbal article. This may be the most important to consumers. Responsibility is reflected …!

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