Why is charging pile foundation once again written 2021 “Government Work Report”?

At the beginning of 2020, the construction of charging pile foundation was first incorporated into the “New Infrastructure” ranks. In the “Government Work Report”, it will usher in the new wind in the policy, open a rapid development channel in the next 10 years. Last year, the government’s work report was proposed: focusing on the “two new” constructions that have both consumption of people’s livelihood and the structural increase. New energy vehicles are in line with the new form of “both promotion of Fisheng people’s livelihood and adjustment of the structure”, which makes charging piles and 5G, and becomes in front of new energy vehicles, it has become a new energy vehicle, stimulate new consumer demand, and help industries. Upgrade preamp, you can see the importance of charging in new economic development. This year, the “Government Work Report” in the two sessions of the two sessions will once again propose, will increase the charging pile, a power-saving station and other facilities. This is the “second into the palace” of the charging pile foundation.

The construction of charging piles is written to the “Government Work Report” is of great significance. One of the important components of China’s future online spending is the consumption of new energy vehicles. Electric vehicles have become the powerful new engine, the new engine, is already we can The foreseeable result. Under the guidance of the national “carbon neutral” strategy, the development of new energy vehicles will gradually go, and the performance of the power battery is also more and stronger, and there is a prerequisite for large-scale development of electric vehicles.

However, the current charging facility has become a short board in the industry, which is obviously lagged behind the development of electric vehicles. The number of charging piles is small, slow, finding difficult, utilized, mileage anxiety, safety anxiety, etc., these issues affect the user experience of electric vehicles to a certain extent, and restrict the development of the electric vehicle industry. To solve this problem, it is necessary to increase the construction process of charging facilities.

The charging infrastructure has public property. If there is no government’s top planning layout, it will rely on private capital construction, which will have blind investment, which is not conducive to the development of the industry. The charging facility is divided into a variety of types.

From a nationally seen, the government-led public service field, the charging supporting facilities of bus, passenger and sanitation vehicles are relatively in place, and there is a good land use guarantee mechanism, but in the layout of the charging pile of individual users, it is still necessary to increase the overall plan. And support. Local governments should consider how to protect the land resources. Consider the liquidity of the vehicle, perform effective regional planning, better land activation land, provide more land and power resources for the construction of public charging venues in charging operations enterprises.

Xiaobian summary: The government should strengthen the construction of charging pile facilities such as highway, township, three or four lines. A series of measures such as policy subsidies are in place, and a series of measures such as the establishment of precision guidance, and land, power resources should be effective. The government should guide social capital to conduct forward-looking investment on the protection facilities such as charging piles, power saving stations, and realize the infrastructure. Safeguard the charging first, exchange electricity, meet the user’s just needed, everyone has confidence to buy electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, and consumer confidence can be established.

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