Wuling car on the circle road, standing in the fork

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“Last night, I lost to a Wuling Hongguang in the autumn Mountain. His speed is very fast, drifted with inertia drifting, I only saw his body wrote a signboard to repair the water housing, if you see him, trouble tell He, I was waiting for him in Qiu Meshan on Saturday night. “

This paragraph adapts the text from the movie “head text D” is a paragraph on the network on the “Wuling Hongguang” on the network in the previous year. For so long, “Qiu Mushan Truck” has gradually disappeared in people’s field of vision, but Wuling has passed the past 2020, and continues to attract people’s attention through other ways.

Wuling’s broken path

The fire of the “Qiu Mushan Truck” means that consumers may fall against Wuling’s attention, which is not Wuli wants to see. So, in the past year, the idea of ​​implementing “what the people need, Mitsubary will create what”, Wuling always launches some unexpected products.

If the mask is urgent, Wuling is still not accidental in many companies in many companies. Later, because the national screw powder is urgent and then launched a lot of people to make a lot of people; in addition to economic fierce Wuling also launched the “land veddation” to cater to the current situation hotspots.

Behind this crucial cross-boundary movement, in addition to meeting the needs of the people, Wuling has a deeper consideration.

First of all, it is natural to deepen brand awareness from more. Although consumers are not unfamiliar with Mitsubishi, the cognitive channels are more related to “car”, and now Wuling can learn from all kinds of cross-border products, consumers can learn about Wuling from more channels, originally to brand unfamiliar Consumers can be attracted, and those that are well known can be further impressed.

Secondly, it is a need for enterprise brand rejg. Nowadays, young consumers have become the military consumption, which promotes many traditional companies to meet the young consumers, and Wuxi is also the same. In the face of more new sense of consumer groups, “Autumn Mountain Truck” can no longer attract their attention, they prefer these creative cross-border marketing.

Of course, in addition to the cross-border products that keep up with hotspots, Wuling’s fancy marketing also includes and trend media Yoho! Cooperation to carry out activities; and Xi tea brand in Xijiao jointly launch the “small god” to limit the blind box; participate in Shanghai Fashion Week to create Wuling Town Square, and these fancy marketing also have a positive impact on Wuling’s car sales .

Pressure Tesla’s Wuli

Electric car business can be described as a wind in last year, especially from the second half of the year, whether Tesla is still ideal, it is a good result in sales. But if you asked which electric vehicles sold in the second half of last year, the sales of Wuling Hongguang’s Mini EV stressed all star car companies and college-reached the top.

Specifically, since Waubishuang Mini EV has been listed in July, sales in the second year of high monthly sales, in September, more than Tesla became a monthly sales, and won the champion in October and November. This allows Wuling Hongguang Mini EV to hand over the highest sales volume of 2,000 units, and a total of 12,7651 units in half a year.

In addition, according to the 2020 sales volume issued by the recent SAIC, Mili, SAIC’s sales exceeded 1.6 million, in which Wuling brand has reached 11.78 million. The Mitsubishoculum Mini EV that frequently appears in cross-border cooperation, naturally becoming the most popular models.

Of course, the macro Mini EV can achieve such sales, not only relying on fancy marketing, and other reasons.

One is due to the increase in market demand released by policy changes. In recent years, the state has gradually strengthened the elimination speed of low-speed electric vehicles, and small electric vehicles became the preferred choice for consumers, which provides a small market space for Hong Kong MINI EV.

The second is because prices and brands are promoted. Wuling has passed fancy marketing, enhances the recognition of the brand in the heart of consumers, and the minimum pricing of 2.88 million yuan is also very fit, and most of the young consumers are not a large number of funds.

In addition, some car families sometimes have a tight use of the vehicle, but it can’t buy a more than ten thousand cars because occasional conditions, which makes the price advantage of the macro Mini EV once again appeared.

This kind of reason helps the macro Mini EV has achieved today’s achievements, and sales of sales will also help companies further reduce costs and further improve their product matrices to help companies build their own ecology. However, the low pricing of Mitsubaramine Mini EV, while helping to pull the sales volume, it also brings certain problems.

Sink OR high end?

It seems that for Wuling, the high-end market is not in the scope of its consideration, and now the focus is still the sinking market.

It is true that Mitsubary is very sinking in many ways.

Low pricing has always been a characteristic of Wuling. In addition to Hong Kong MINI EV, the pricing of other models of Wuling is not high. Whether it is a bus, the truck is also an MPV model, several classic red standard models are not more than 100,000, most concentrated in 50,000. Even the new model silver label Wuling, a new model for the international market, the highest pricing is only 1.68 million yuan.

In addition, in the lower sink market, the function is good, the price is low, and the size of consumers are preferred, and the size of the low-line city is not large, and the 120 km macro MINI EV can also meet daily travel needs. Plus, charging is less expensive than refueling, which is charged to a certain extent. But in improving the low price of the sinking market, it is difficult to bring a high revenue. For example, if the average price is 30,000, the sales score of 128,000 units in the second half of last year can only contribute to 400 billion revenue for Wuling.

If you press Tucra Model 3 to reach a price of 249,900 yuan in the official website, only 150,000 packages can reach 40 billion revenue, and Tesla is only close in the November Mode 3 sales. 40000.

And once the “low end” label is posted, the future will take a greater cost in the future to tear this label. Just like the process of spelling a lot of advances from the five rounds of the five-ring, there is a lot of human material financial resources.

This is mainly because the consumers in the first and second lines are not the only decisive factor when they buy their cars. In the case of satisfaction, there is still a certain “face” demand, that is, the consumption of the brand, appearance and other factors. Although Hong Kong MINI EV passes through cross-border marketing, it is difficult to eat in a second-tier city through cross-border marketing.

Although Wuling does not seem to enter the high-end market intent, the high-end and sinking heads are also in the future of Mitsubishi, because this is related to Wuling to resist the risk from multiple parties.

Wuling City wall, also need to be reinforced

Just relying on fancy marketing and price advantage, although it will help Wuling’s good results in the short term, this is not a long-term development.

The most important reason is natural because it is necessary to face the challenge from external competitors. Hongguang Mini EV This type of small electric vehicle is not very high, which means that it is difficult to build a solid city wall from the technical aspects of Wuling to resist offensive.

Not to mention the offense from the outside world has come. Although the Euler R1, Chery EQ1, such as small electric vehicles, although it does not dominate the price, but the battery life is almost three or four hundred kilometers, and it will also be favored by some consumers. At the same time, some of the car companies are also in the small electric vehicle industry, Toyota, BMW, Audi, and the public are still awkward.

Although Military Mountain Mini EV can also rely on price advantages to ensure sales growth, once the same price is even lower, the battery is similar or even stronger, which will naturally produce a large amount of sales in Hong Kong MINI EV Impact.

In addition, although the cross-border marketing makes the macro Mini EV a “net red car”, but in such a thoughtfulness, the heat of the net red will soon pass, and finally affect the decisive factor of consumers to buy a car or The most essential quality.

This also requires Wuling to transfer attention from marketing to the product, through multiple aspects to strengthen their own city walls, and ensure future development.

Casting sink can naturally bring a certain extent to grow growth, but the high-end also allows the brand to get more development opportunities. Sinking and high ends are not opposite aspects, and more opportunities will be released. Wuli on the circular road, face such a fork, how should I choose?

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