Wuling will then launch micro electric vehicles and use 2 layouts, battery life or 305 km.

Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is popular, letting Wuling once again received attention, and Wuling is clearly not satisfying the current achievement, and then launched Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV Marton Edition. However, Mili Hong Kong MINI EV Marson Edition has been increased by the price of the price, causing a lot of consumers. It is recently, Wuling has a new action, and the declaration diagram of two micro electric vehicles exposes, life or reaches 305 kilometers, let us take a look.

It is understood that the double-door double-seat micro electric car launched this time, of course, the final name has not been determined. From the look, it is more compact than Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV, maybe you will look familiar, because the car is based on the Baojun E200’s body. From this point, we can also see its pricing, probably the price range of 560,000, and life will definitely be high than Mitsubaramine Mini EV or above 305 km.

From the current picture, the appearance of Wuling Nanoev is based on Baojun E200, but in design, it has changed some changes, first of all the logo changes, Wuling’s logo looks more suitable for this car. The overall design style of the car is more dull, does not have much complex design, with some simple elements, constitutes the appearance of this car. In terms of size, the long-width height of the car is 2500/1526 / 1616mm, and the wheelbase is 1600mm, which can be said to be very small, such size space is indeed unable to meet 4 needs.

In fact, the two cars are better than four cars like Wulinghong MINI EV. Don’t see the internal space of Wuli Nanoev, but because only two seats, whether it is a co-driver or the main driving, the location is relatively Comfortable.

We can see that there are a variety of color matching, such as white, yellow, gray black, and blue, are more playful colors, very suitable for young owners. There is currently no data in the current power, and 305 kilometers of battery life is derived from the original car Baojun E200.

In terms of price, if Wuli Nanoev makes more adjustments to Baojun E200, or upgrade, the price may be higher than the original Baojun E200. However, the author believes that if the pricing is too high, it may be cold, the miraceine’s micro-electric car myth may be shattered. What do you think?

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