Wulinghong MINI EV Makaron is officially listed, the price is 37,600 yuan!

Wulinghong Miniev has set off a consumption frenzy since the last year. Not only that, the car also set off the hot frenzy of this type of model, the Euler black cat, Chery small ants, and the macro MINI EV did not release the relationship. The so-called people are not many, although the sales of Hong Kong MINI EV is not good in the market, many people say that this car does not have a safe airbag and the ESP system has also triggered a lot of people’s spit. However, Wuling also knows the shortcomings of their own models. In 2021, Wuling increases the security airbags such as airbags for Hong Kong MINI EV, which is to make up the last short board.

The new version of the model is named Markaron, which also meets the most mainstream consumption aesthetics. At first, everyone will certainly not believe that this trolley selling only tens of thousands of yuan, the largest consumer group is actually a white-collar girl in the city. At the long ago, the DIY capabilities of many owners shortly, and a variety of body styles have seen the transformation potential to this car.

And to say the biggest change, or the manufacturer is an increased configuration. If the expected airbag is presented, the manufacturer adds airbags for its main driving position to ensure the safety of the driving position. At the same time, the reversing image, full liquid crystal dashboard, Bluetooth phone, LED day runner, car, etc., both satisfy the use of demand, and satisfies comfort needs. In terms of endurance, because of the first model of the first model, the majority of owners do not vomit the routine mileage, so the vehicle’s battery life is still 120 km and 170 km. Configuration.

The most concerned is the price of the new car. The Makarong version is more than 5,000 compared to previous models, but combined with these increased configurations, the price of this five thousand yuan can basically be said to be a super The value is, after all, a airbag and full liquid crystal dashboard have been valued backwards.

Wuling as a conscience vehicle company, Wuling Hongguang once is a reliable partner that many people get rich; while Wulingteng’s workshop purchases machine manufacturing masks during the epidemic, so many people re-examine this comparative “earth taste” Enterprise; Hong Kong MINI EV’s redness is more likely to look at it, and its market sensitivity is indeed more than many companies. This time, this time, it makes up for its pain, and the price has only increased by 5,000 yuan, optimistic about this car continues to rebuild the sales list of new energy vehicles.

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