Xiaomi drops have entered the new energy track, which tells you that electric cars have more fragrance

Friends who pay attention to the car are believed that everyone has been brushed on the screen these two days. Yes, it is to go offline 100,000 yuan. From May 2018, the first mass production car ES8 started offline, and nowadays 100,000 units, it is only for 35 months, and it has created the fastest record of the high-end passenger car market with the price. In this regard, Li Bin, who is aware, said that although “slightly some waves”, the overall “did not feel”.

Also don’t weird people in Versailles. After all, Li Bin and the prestige are the star sea. As early as 2015, Li Bin gave Li Bin asked to create a global brand, and started to discuss US market plans in 2017, even if the most difficult 2019 did not turn off the office, it can be determined Strong.

Slightly regrett, in the past few years, although it has completed the feat of 100,000 units under the landing line, the export of Europe and the United States has stayed in the discussion stage. In this regard, Li Bin explained that China’s company’s global pressure is large because of the current international political situation.

Think about Huawei’s encounter, this is nothing wrong with it. However, it is not quite right. The same as the new forces of Xiapeng exported 100 cars to Norway last September. An Ai Chi who did not dew the water was even more sulking, 2020 Exports 1000 sets, the export of 1,056 (number of customs clearance) in the first quarter of this year, the total export capacity of the year, for this reason, Ai Chi also gave himself a “small goal” – 2021 to export 10,000 station.

Going to the head to see Li Bin, it will make people feel that it is not a blight and Xiaopeng, and the Ai Chi is not the same world as the same situation, or Xiaopeng, Ai Chi feels more powerful? Of course, there will be someone to stand up to refute, saying that it is more high than Echi to export 10,000 units. We did not deny the grades of the sweepstakes, just in this environment, independent brands, especially the new forces, can go out to participate in international competition, showing the advantages of Chinese intelligence, and have no legacy more practical significance.

It is important to know that Norway, which is exported to Xiaopeng can be a standard developed country. Ai Chi has entered the EU market with high standards and strict requirements, including the automotive origin, and Germany of the auto power. Take a variety of popularity, this is like domestic CBA team directly to defeat the US NBA team on the road, and must make the fans even more excited than the team’s championship than the team.

Of course, just like defeating the NBA team needs strength, the car exports to Europe and the United States need full of color and bottom. In this regard, Xiaopeng and Ai Chi do well, Xiaopeng conducts localization, Ai Chi is in the self-built plant, starting at the beginning of the research and development of products, starting to take into account the requirements of China and Europe, two market regulations, research and development and manufacturing All of the Chinese EU double standards are all built with severe German car manufacturing standards. This allows two car companies to open the gate smoothly on the way out of Europe. At the same time, Ai Chi also established a comprehensive operational service system in the local simultaneous synchronization of the exporting country, providing more boosting for its overseas offensive.

We have reason to believe that since Xiaopeng and Ai Chi can do well, if it is really determined to do, the performance should not be poor. With the reason for finding the situation, it is better to go out with the biggest trend, this is not hesitating, it will be early. Li Bin also mopened that Ai Chi Chairman paid strongly, “retrograde Geneva”, went to overseas. We really need to see more Chinese car brands in the European and American markets, rather than the loneliness of one or two cars.

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