Xiaopeng family will add fierce! P5 debut 200,000 less than gives you laser radar, heat pump air conditioner

Since the birth of Xiaopeng Automobile has been a good praise from the market, and Xiaopeng’s brand has also become another emerging car forces after the Meta, and there are countless people. Not long ago, Xiaopeng Automobile officially issued a smart car Xiaopeng P5 in Guangzhou, which is the world’s first mass production intelligent model equipped with laser radar. It is reported that the car will open blind bidding at the Shanghai Auto Show.

In view, the car is a B-class car that is slightly lower than P7. The overall style of the appearance uses a simple atmosphere design language. The design of the front face closed grille is equipped with a running light. Consistent sci-fi style. At the same time, the side of the side of the vehicle is relatively simple. In addition to the more round slip-back type, there is no more complex outline, the maximum extent satisfies the aesthetic tendency of most consumers. The tail design of the vehicle is echoed before and after the head portion. The design of the penetration taillights makes this tricycle. In terms of the body size, the car has a length of 4808mm, and the wheelbase is 2768mm, such a performance is not weak in most of the same level.

It is worth mentioning that the vehicle sets radar on both sides of the front of the front of the front, and this is the biggest selling point of this car, and the Dinnan laser radar. Compared to traditional mechanical radar, laser radar is not only superior in performance, but also simultaneously installation process is simpler, and can meet the design and performance guarantee of vehicles.

And the reason why this car is called smart cars, the detection combination of “camera + mm radar + laser radar” can provide 32 ultrasonic +1 cm laser radar hardware support, based on its foundation On, with the NGP city road auxiliary driving system of Xiaopeng, it is possible to provide a higher level of secondary driving function for this trust.

In terms of interior, Xiaopeng P5 got rid of the shadow of P7, did not use the design of a single large-end screen, but designed a floating central control with a lot of models. Many of such a design style does not intend to think that its “Auto Parts City” is too heavy, but after reading this car, you will know that Xiaopeng is quite in place for the training of this screen, and the show is delicate. In terms of comfort, NAPPA leather seats provide a better driving experience for the driving passengers.

At present, the information of Xiaopeng P5’s battery life, power configuration, etc. has not been disclosed. If the mainstream of the current new energy mainstream, the car’s battery life is approximately 600 kilometers.

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