Xinhengda’s “Change Overrage”

From 2018 to start the product to the present, quietly Evergrande has been 3 years old, this is a promising period for a new forces. Since last year, Everbrucks disclose official road trials and videos, and then launched winter training in Takeshi, then the recently announced intelligent network system …

One step, a footprint, the steps to make the car, the constant car is not omitted.

On March 31, at the new year’s performance description, the Chairman of China Evergrande Board of Directors also pointed out that “Xinhang Da” came from the “Xinhang Da”, which is the theme of this year’s performance, and last year theme It is “comprehensive implementation of the development strategy of ‘high growth, control scale, and lowered debt”.

It can be seen that after a year of business rectification, the transformation of the transformation, I hope to fight the future with the “new”.

1, force “new constant”, intelligent electric car becomes an important fulcrum

Last year, Xu Jiayin announced that Evergrande has fully implemented the development strategy of “high growth, control scale, lowered debt”, and expressed the best determination, the greatest strength put the debt. And this year, through more efforts, Xu Jiayin did did.

In the past year, Evergrande measures and lifting and lifting, financial report showing that as of March 2021, its interest interest liabilities have fallen by 20 billion yuan. As of the end of the reporting period, the Evergrande interest liabilities were 716.5 billion yuan, the cash balance was 180.7 billion yuan, the asset-liability rate was 76.7%, the net liability rate was 152.9%, and the cash short debt ratio was 0.54. At the performance meeting, the Evergrande management said it will continue to reduce the debt.

In this many measures, it is the first to have a long rush. Chairman, Chairman of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the president, Xia Haizhao, said the “three red line” policies will enable the real estate industry to return to the entity economic attributes from financial attributes, reaching the “green file” requirements, will also return the company to reasonable Development level.

According to the financial report, in the second half of 2020, the Evergrande land reserves fell from 240 million square meters to 231 million square meters, and the next two years will decline in 15 million square meters, and the total land reserves are controlled around 200 million square meters. .

While land reserves are reduced, Evergrande also increases the property area quickly. As of the end of February 2021, the Evergrande Property contract area was 679 million square meters, with an area of ​​413 million square meters, and it is expected that this year will break through 800 million square meters and 600 million square meters respectively.

Behind this move is intended to facilitate the arrival of the real estate stock era, Hengda hopes to create a fixed space technology service platform through standardized operations and intelligent management, not simple and rude buildings, and sellers.

Therefore, in the performance meeting, Xu Jiayin has repeatedly emphasized: “Evergrande is no longer in the past, and now Evergrande is not a single real estate company, but the new Industrial + Digital Technology ‘Xinhang.”

And the so-called “new constant”, according to Xu Jiayin, “Xinhengda” industry ecology covers the field of clothing and food and housing, literature and other fields. Including Evergrande Auto, Heavy Teng Network, Evergrande Property, Route Bao, Tongyou, Evergrande Ice Spring, will gradually be split.

It is not difficult to see in the line, and Evergrande is actively changed. In the new business sector of the new grunge, the Hengda Motor is the first, and the car is in the car to the new Evergrande.

2, Evergrande is not only new forces, but also the public in China?

As a new forgeness of cross-border car, the surface, Evergrande is not as regular roads like other new forces – R & D + production, but a commonly known as “buy buy”, such as these:

In January 2019, Hengda acquired 51% of the equity of NEVS (National Energy) with a price of $ 930 million, got the production capacity of the car, and the consumption of the whole vehicle. The same month, cost 1.06 billion yuan purchase power battery company Shanghai card new energy 58% equity; in March, the Netherlands E-TRACTION company, one of the three giants of the hub motor industry … and more.

It can be seen that the main items of other new forces core parts are different, and Evergrande is either wholly-owned acquisition. Or share the share. The most core difference between the two is: the latter can control the bargain, the former can’t. It is also impossible to maximize the bargaining rights.

In fact, this kind of car model is very routine, some of the traditional car companies are like this model, such as Toyota, Volkswagen, General and Modernity. The most prominent case in new energy is the mass MEB, which is to obtain ultra-low bargaining, so that the product “low-cost high quality” is encompassed. This product is inevitable.

Why is these new forces these new forces, ideals, Xiaopeng? Because their product is more than financing, it is limited, based on this core element, it is determined that they can only be small, but constant, Xiaomi is different, back to large groups, accounts for more than 100 billion yuan, complete There is a high strength, the premise is the determination.

So similar to the MEC Electric Strategy, Evergrande acquired the only new energy vehicle 3.0 chassis architecture that can be bought, the world’s top and intellectual property. Based on this advanced electric architecture, constant cars can launch a variety of models in a short time. According to the product planning of Evergrande, 9 have been released.

In this regard, many people don’t understand, in fact, based on this 3.0 electric platform, Evergrande will only launch 14 cars is a relatively conservative. According to media reports, the DDD reached five or 60 yuan in the life of the public MQB platform, with a total production of 55 million vehicles, and the MEB electric architecture also planned 27 cars and is expected to produce 15 million cars. In terms of product planning, the strength of the wealth is very strong, and the strength of other new forces seems to be phased, can’t help but control the supply chain, so that there is no top-end component bargain, and the product has no competitive advantage, only by building the rear end And core business model.

For other new forces, Cui Dongshu, Secretary-General of the National Taining Committee, said before: “The new power of the car needs to make a good product, do the amount, can live better, not only to rely on business The innovation of the pattern. “Evergrande is based on the traditional model, although there is a lot of money in the previous period, but it has been verified by a feasible model.

3, bright digital service empire with intelligent electric car

At this performance, Xu Jiayin said, “After completing the transition from real estate to ‘multi-industrial + digital technology’, Evergrande has a new development logic.” So, what is this new logic? “

In the past 25 years, Evergrande rises in real estate, then the future will be a multi-industrial + digital technology, and it is a comprehensive coverage of food and clothing, Wenbao, and other fields. Although the industry is plenty of diversity, it has obvious mindfulness, surrounding the life needs of new era people.

Obviously, if the core condense of “old” is a real estate, then the core of “Xinhang” is undoubtedly a service, Xu Jiayin is doing, is actively promoting the constant business change. As a core carrier of future digital services, how can I have a smart car?

From the logic of this big era, Hengda’s heavy gold is a smart electric vehicle, and it is. On March 25th, H-Smart OS Hengchi Intelligent Net System, which was developed by Hengda Tencent, Baidu R & D officially unveiled. Since then, the Hengda Digital Service Empire opened a new window.

Regarding this intelligent system, you can briefly introduce, in order to create a top-level driving and entertainment experience, Helen is equipped with the world’s first astroceline flagship smart cockpit, a number of black technology full arms:

1. On the display, it is equipped with the world’s original ring 3D surface large screen, breakthrough realizes nine screens to display seven-screen linkage, and create an immersive technological experience;

2, on the chip, using the world’s first 7nm process, the most powerful high-pass Qualcomm third-generation Snapdragon digital cockpit platform is more than 2 times the mainstream model of the market, which is the strongest “super big brain in the industry. “.

Hengda Auto said that this time is strongly united with Baidu, Tencent, and combines Evergrande self-ecological chain (such as Hengdu Network, Pumpkin Movie, Tong “, R & D in the industry to support dual ecological smart cockpit system, aggregation The most complete car ecological resources in the industry have created a world-wide super-large ecotropic circle.

With the best intelligent network system, this means that every helen will become a “car home” in Zhilian mobile space, not only the mobile office, not to achieve remote office, but also become a learning space online. Even the medical health diagnosis can be performed in a timely manner, which will bring users unprecedented intelligent life experience.

It is foreseeable that with the continued in-depth advancement of “high growth, control scale, lowered debt” strategy, as well as the multi-industrial ecotropic circle under Digital Science and Technology, a vibrant “Xinheng Da” will accelerate first-class world Technological companies move forward.

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