Zero Run C11, how to solve the zero run?

Speaking of the new forces, will you think of?

蔚 来, ideal, Xiaopeng, these three should be a brand that everyone is venting.

Yes, in terms of marketing, these three brands have spent considerable strength, and the exposure on the network is naturally a lot. It is precisely because of this, we have ignored a lot of new forces that work hard, such as the zero run today we have to say.

From a sales volume, the total sales volume of the zero-sports car reached 11,391 years, of which T03 was sold for 10,266 units, and S01 accumulated sales was 1125. In addition, the zero-run car achieved 49% from December last year, and the sales volume of single month was 3024, and this number was very normal in the new forces of the car.

In fact, the current products of zero are not “mainstream” models, such as zero run T03 positioning microcons, price 5.98-7.58 million yuan, 403 kilometers of battery life, vast majority of consumers who choose mini cars are used Short-distance step, the macro Mini EV has grabbed some markets, and there are two strong competitions in the same type of models and small ants.

For example, if you don’t take the zero run S01, you can position the double-door coupe, the longest battery 451km, the price of 11.99-14.99 million yuan, the small products have identified, but it is not destined.

For the zero run, you want to continue to pull the sales, only the “Volkswagen” model is launched, the price is 10-20 million is the best price, and the market is still a blue sea, consumption. There is less selectivity, and the zero run C11 is born.

On January 1 this year, the third model of zero-sports car was officially opened, and the price was 15.98-19.98 million. From the price, it is a medium-end product, and it is a pure electric medium SUV from the model. .

Although the zero-run C11 is “futures”, but it is also the “futures” in the quarter. The new car is expected to be delivered in the fourth quarter this year, unlike other brands, “futures”, basically all in the year.

It is necessary to become a brand sales growth point, and the positioning is important, but the consumer is willing to pay attention to the wishes, the key is to see the product.

Zero Run C11, line?

Since it is a pure electric car, let’s first look at the most critical three electricity.

The battery life of the three models of the zero run is different. After the subsidy is priced at 159,800 yuan, the NEDC endless mileage is 480km; the subsidy is priced at 179,800 yuan, the exclusive version is 600km; after the sale price The 199,800 yuan performance version of the NEDC endless mileage is 550km.

Obviously, the zero-run C11 wandering model will be the exclusive version of 600km, and from the end of the life, the zero run C11 has little opponent in the same model, even if it is considered very cost-effective Chery big ant, During life is only 510km.

In terms of dynamic performance, the zero-racing C11 is equipped with the new generation of Haiglis electric drive system. The total power of the four-drive version of the motor is 400kW, peak torque 720N · M, bringing 4 seconds speed, performance version The price of less than 200,000 is also very competitive; the maximum output power of the single motor is driven by 200KW, the maximum torque 360N · m, and the 100 km accelerate ≤ 7.9 seconds.

At the same time, the zero run C11 adopts the front binary arm, the latter five-link independent suspension, the operationalness and comfort, the body weight is close to the gold distribution ratio 50:50, the operational capacity and the tracking of the curve It is superior to the same competition, and even the low-cost model is equipped with a dedicated tire of the Horse brand UltraContactac6 SUV, which is quite advantageous in the same model.

Although three electricity is the core product of a new energy vehicle, the intelligent level can also choose from the mass consumers, and zero run C11 can be in intelligence.

Intelligent driving is one of the core highlights of zero-racing C11. In terms of hardware, the zero-run C11 is standardizes 1 binocular camera, 1 forward millimeters, 4 angles to millimeters, 12 ultrasound Radar, 4 comic cameras, 4 blind zone cameras with 28 high-precision perceived hardware, including 1 face recognition camera.

On this basis, the zero run C11 is also equipped with two Lingxin 01 chips of zero-running, with an 8.4TOPS, which can access 12-way camera to achieve 2.5D 360 ° facilities, automatic parking, ADAS domain control Support for the implementation of LEAP Pilot 3.0 total 22 intelligent auxiliary driving functions.

Of course, the zero-run C11 has also given a “futures” in intelligence, supporting the entire vehicle OTA, which will be upgraded to the L4-level automatic driving ability, this is not said.

In design, the zero run C11 does not have a “small”.

Zero Run C11 Height Restore Zero Run C-MORE Concept Car, Closed Front Face, Flow Type Body, Almost, Hidden Door Handle, Blessing Car Door, Increased Hidden Door Handle Take a sense of science and design.

In terms of interior, zero-run C11 seat, steering wheel and door plates have used NAPPA leather package, with imported deer fleece, whether it is a touch of touch, and is quite luxurious. At the same time, the AQS air quality management system, custom 12 speaker DSP digital power amplifier system, the comfort configuration such as the whole car seat heating will also increase the luxury. In terms of the vehicle system, the zero-run C11 is equipped with 10.25 * 12.8 * 10.25 inch ultra HD triple screen, equipped with Kobe 3.5 new generation smart voice interactive system, with two district recognition functions, support the main deputy driving independent interaction, mutual interference.

In addition, it also supports the automatic face ID automatic adaptation function, which can realize the automatic identification and adaptation of the outer rearview mirror, the seat memory, air conditioner, driving mode, and is very high in the same model.

Of course, the core highlight is still space, and the zero run C11 is really in place, and its long width is 4750/1905 / 1650mm, the wheelbase is 290mm, and the lesion performance is, even with Model Y, ES6, etc. The model is still very prominent compared to the model.

From the product, the performance of zero-run C11 is indeed strong, whether it is a configuration or life, more or the price is very powerful. However, since it is futures, we still pay attention to what is the final delivery to the consumer.

For spatial routing, the two or three thousands of sales at this stage have been successful, and they are moving towards good direction. The new car is expected to deliver in the fourth quarter, meaning the second quarter of this year and the third quarter of the “empty window period”, as a new brand, the zero-run market cognition is almost 0, take this time, Still adding brand marketing.

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